Sunday, November 13, 2016

Some points of policy of president elect Trump that I agree with

What he says in the following video also contains some good points. I have been saying this also for a long time ago. For example that the US shouldn't have militarily intervened in the muslim world, especially Iraq and Libiya, now it has become a mess there, not that I am in favour of those dictators which were ruling those countries, I was against them, but the situation now has become worse than it was under their rule. At least there was some form of stability and peace under their rule, even if it was repressive for certain segments of their societies. But after the US attack on Iraq we got their whole Shia-Sunni sectarian conflict engulfing now the whole of the Middle-East and the emergence of extremist barbarous groups such as IS(IS). So it is better if Trump would end this military intervention, but at the same time he should not support dictators like Bashar Al-Assad of Syria. Best option would be to leave muslims alone and not continue the war against islam under the banner of fighting 'terrorism'.