Sunday, October 16, 2016

The world is in need of a true saviour to lead mankind in the right direction!

Solving the Syrian conflict for example: 
Well Kerry is right about that there should be a diplomatic solution for the Syrian conflict, but is he doing his best achieving that? What if Syrian regime, Iran, Russia and their Shi'a terror militias don't want peaceful diplomatic solution? 
Is it not a bit late for a diplomatic solution, why didn't you do more in the beginning of the conflict? Aleppo is almost totally destroyed, that holds true for the rest of Syria, many hundreds of thousands of Syrians have been killed, so why didn't you do anything earlier? 
Some important principes to abide by: 
The end doesn't justify the means. The means as well as the end should be a right one. 
Might is not always right. Only might supported by truth and justice derived from revelation from God is always right! 
Example of foolish leaders: 
President of Philippines about mass murdering all those drug addicts and traffickers when asked about their human rights: 'If it involves their human rights I give a shit, I want to secure my country'. Source: Al-Jazeera English 
Side effects and dangers of Western democracies: 
The old Greek philosophers like Plato were right about the side effects of democracy, it could lead to someone like Trump becoming president. That's why Plato preferred a philosopher-king as a ruler, he should be someone who knows wisdom and true knowledge and also has the capacity and skills to lead the masses. Islam also says this, the leader of believers should be an upright muslim who has knowledge of revelation and reality and has the mental and bodily capacity to lead the masses.