Friday, October 7, 2016

Can all believers please make supplication for me because the Taghut is persecuting and prosecuting me because I am a muslim!

On 12th of October the Taghut of Holland is persecuting and prosecuting me in a court in The Hague, so-called capital of peace and justice, I hope they make true their name, but Allah already told us that the disbelievers who don't judge by what Allah has revealed are sinful and unjust, so may Allah protect me against their oppressive and unjust verdict if that is the case because of me propagating islam in a peaceful way in the past few years and saying the truth openly, without ever having committed any crime or harmed anyone, I am against unjust terrorism against innocent people, I am against random violence and hatred and anything which is against humanity in general and any living species, anything which is contrary to the divine laws and the just natural laws.