Thursday, October 6, 2016

After 15 years of fighting the Taliban the Zionist-Crusader alliance headed by America has lost in Afghanistan!

Tomorrow it's exactly 15 years since the unjust and illegitimate attack on Afghanistan by America and its allies. 9/11 was used as a pretext but the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan had no knowledge or connection with those attacks, neither had the leadership prior knowledge of it and no Afghans were involved in the attacks. But since then America has killed thousands of innocent Afghans and other muslims in Afghanistan and elsewhere and waged a relentless war against islam. Now we see that terror and insecurity has increased all over the world as a result of occupation and destruction of muslim countries and the killing of innocent muslims. It's now time that all those wars end, the US and other western troops as well as Russia and Iran and other countries leave all those conflict areas and leave the muslims alone, the war against islam should also stop. Then we can all live in peace and security as human beings and global citizens and terrorism will also stop.

Remember the words of the first spiritual leader of the Taliban the leader of the believers Mullah Omar (ra), he said America would be destroyed as a result of its unjust war and attack on Afghanistan.
Now they are being punished by hurricanes (soldiers of Allah) and at the same time they lost the war against the Taliban after fighting them for 15 years with about 50 other countries and all the materials that they possess!
Mullah Omar (ra) spoke on the basis of dreams he got from Allah. He didn't speak in vain.

We muslims have nothing to lose when World War III and nuclear war breaks out between the east and the west. The ummah is already suffering for more than a century by the unjust wars and oppression carried out by both USA and Russia and their allies. When they attack and weaken each other even if we also die in the process, this will only quicken the final victory of islam and the muslims, especially the mujahideen will have advantage to conquer eventually both the east and the west, just like in the beginning of islamic era after the coming of the prophet (pbuh), when before and after that the Roman and Persian empires had weakened each other and Allah prepared the way for the subsequent victory of the companions of the prophet (pbuh).