Monday, October 17, 2016

A lot of fitna, bloodshed and harm for the ummah would have been prevented if IS(IS) wasn't announced!

May Allah help Ahlul Sunnah in Mosul. But I have no mercy for those who have no mercy for others.

Through foolish actions of IS, premature declaration of fake Caliphate and their extremist actions, now a genocide will be committed against Ahlul Sunnah in Mosul and elsewhere

A lot of harm and fitna would have been prevented if Al-Baghdadi had listened to Al-Zawahiri in 2013 and had stayed in Iraq and didn't intervene in Syria. But their arrogance and foolish mentality caused a big fitna in Ash-Shaam and weakened mujahideen there and also now they are losing their base in Iraq. Whereas if they had stayed and focused on Iraq and obeyed the leadership and scholars of mujahideen, then today the mujahideen would have defeated Iraqi and Syrian regimes and there would be no coalition military intervention.