Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Statement of Islamic Emirate regarding 20th Anniversary of the Conquest of Kabul

6th of Mizana 1375 (Hijri Solar) is considered a unique and memorable day in the history of Afghanistan. On this day a dark page in the history of Afghanistan was turned, the abominable period of anarchy of factionalism was ended and the white flag of a peaceful Islamic government was raised in the capital Kabul. We congratulate our believing oppressed nation on the 20th Anniversary of this blessed day in the history of our country and share with them our hopes of the reestablishment of a pure Islamic government. 
The conquest of Kabul at the hands of the Islamic Emirate on 6th of Mizana is considered a monumental day in the history of Afghanistan because on this very day the capital was rescued from evil, corruption, anarchy, looting, wars of prejudice and many other injustices. Kabul – where the personal wealth of locals, underground electricity wires and even zoo animals were not safe from the factional criminals – inaugurated on Mizana 6th a day of security, peace and respect such which was not experienced in the past few years. 
The conquest of Kabul by the Mujahideen of Islamic Emirate was not only a historical event in terms of sealing fate of the country but this incident was also unprecedented in its nature. The forces of Islamic Emirate entered Kabul city from multiple axis during the night but neither was the home or wealth of anyone looted, nor were civilians harmed, nor were any government offices, banks, shops or money exchange points ransacked and nor did any other such incident take place that normally occurs in such war conditions. The reason behind this was because the Mujahideen of Islamic Emirate, unlike the warlords, did not enter Kabul for plunder and corruption rather they conquered Kabul to establish order, peace and an Islamic government. 
Kabul under the American occupation and in the claws of their stooges is again experiencing a condition reminiscent of the time before the 6th of Mizana. Kabul is once again partitioned by powerful gunmen into neighborhoods and streets of influence. Government land and fertile grounds are again usurped by gangs. The same warlords are once again challenging each other from the Tapas (hilltops) of Kabul, are building trenches and fanning the fire of prejudice. Security has deteriorated to a level where the kidnapping, killing and armed robbery of the wealthy have become daily occurrences. 
The oppressed citizens of Kabul have had enough of the regime’s extortion, embezzlement, plunder and exploitation and are once again awaiting a savior force to rescue the hearth of Afghanistan from American stooges and elements of evil and corruption. Just as the reign of terror and corruption is temporary hence it is not far that Kabul shall once again see the face of peace, security and an Islamic government and be emancipated from corruption, Allah willing. And nothing is hard for Allah Almighty.
 Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan