Thursday, October 1, 2015

The real motives behind and the implications of the recent Russian military involvement in Syria

Until the muslims & mujahideen realise that we have common enemies, they will never unite on tawheed & haqq!

At the end of the day, the enemies of islam & muslims could care less to which group you belong or which group you support, because of your support for the establishment of a true islamic government with shari'ah they target you.

But at the same time they get very happy when IS targets Taliban & AQ or their allies & vice versa! Because then you fulfill what they want, you achieve their aims, so that their work becomes easier.

Khilafah is not an islamic aim in itself! Its a means to establish the religion & to advance it & protect the muslims.
So when will IS realise that by proclaiming their so-called 'Khilafah' they have actually caused more harm for islam & muslims & the prospectives of the estalishment of a real Khilafah in the long-term?

America can support some factions of FSA, while Russia bombards them. But Russia, America & Iran work all together behind the screen.

They know that in Syria Assad regime causes most harm for islam & muslims there, so that's why nobody targets them except the sincere mujahideen.

Russia & the West prefer to target the opposition to Assad regime, mainly the non-IS or anti-IS groups, because they know that IS doesn't really cause harm to the regime but more to the same opposition forces fighting the regime.

The West didn't accept Iran having nuclear energy for years & suddenly a deal was made that sanctions against them would be lifted & they could go through their nuclear program, surely there must be something in return given by Iran, what that was, we see it today in Yemen, Afghanistan, Syria, Iraq & elsewhere.

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Retweeted New York Times World (@nytimesworld):The Syrian conflict is edging closer to an all-out proxy war between the United States and Russia.
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