Monday, October 19, 2015

IS threatens the Jews in new video series after they threatened the West, empty rhetoric & propaganda or reality & substance?

It seems IS has started a series of propaganda video's against the Jews and the state of Israel. How seriously can we take it?

 Does IS really care about Al-Aqsa and Palestine or is it just empty rhetorical propaganda talk likes even Hezbollah and Iran does?

 How can IS threaten Israel when all their weapons are directed at muslims and mujahideen and other deviant minority sects and groups?

 We as muslims should not easily be moved or deceived by empty rhetorical propaganda talk and promises and threats, we look at action & deeds.

 Even Shaitan, Dajjal and As-Samiri could give great lectures and fool the masses.

 Before this Al-Adnani threatened the West and to take over Rome and Washington and New York, but what did we see from them in reality?

The Zionists, Western media as well as IS want to portray the mujahideen as bloodthirsty barbaric maniacs who hate & kill everyone who comes in their way, with disregard to any humanitarian or divine law, don't fall into their trap!