Thursday, August 6, 2015

Mullah Omar (rahimahullah) brought to his knees two superpowers with the help of Allah (subhannahu wa ta'ala)!

In the same way that when Musa (allaihi salam) liberated the muslims of the Children of Israel from the oppression & tyranny of the Pharoh & made them cross the Nile river & towards final victory in Al-Quds (Jerusalem) in the Holy Land of Ash-Shaam, but because of some disobedience of Bani israel they had to wander for forty years in the desert of Sinai in Egypt and eventually they reached their destination and final victory without Musa (allaihi salam) because he passed away before they could reach there under his successor Yushua ibn Nun (allaihi salam), in the same way today after jihad, sacrifices and efforts of the mujahideen under Mullah Omar (rahimahullah) and their allies amongst Al-Qaida mujahideen, they have defeated another superpower America and before it the Soviet Union, when they were at the top of their materialistic power and had brought disbelief all over the world, but it's sad that Mullah Omar (ra) passed away before the final victory & the liberation of Kabul as well as the capital cities of all muslim countries and thereafter the east and the west. Now the job relies on the shoulders of his successor Mansour (the victorious) and Al-Zawahiri (dominating).

All mujahideen groups all over the world send out condolences on the death of Mullah Omar (ra) & show their love & support, I don't think the same thing will happen if Al-Baghdadi dies.

Now that after Mullah Omar (ra) still the majority of muslims & mujahideen don't give bay'ah to Al-Baghdadi & don't recognize IS, says a lot about them! Al-Qaida & Taliban & their allies have shown that they are still united in a brotherhood of faith & are still amongst the victorious group.

It seems that Al-Qaida is not just an organisation & Taliban are not just a movement, they are not dependent on persons or other materialistic things, they are relying on Allah & depend only on Him & follow the constant of the religion based on correct understanding of reality & revelation, that's why the death of their leaders, doesn't matter how big & important they are, doesn't really affect them, they remain resilient & strong & continue with their mission goals.

Biggest difference between Mullah Omar (ra) & Al-Baghdadi:

The first one got rid of corruption, infighting, fitna, immorality & bloodshed in order to bring stablity & peace with shari'ah law implementation, thus Allah gave him dominance over land & many muslims & mujahideen gave him pledge of allegiance out of their own free will & emigrated to him, because he first gained their trust & conquered their hearts & minds & the other one did all those negative things in order to gain power & authority & forced others to give bay'ah or threatend them with beheadings & executions, ex-communication & terror.

That is why all the sincere & real believers worldwide are sad after hearing the news of the death of Mullah Omar (ra) & still love & respect him after his death, while they would get happy if the fitna of IS gets over as soon as possible.