Tuesday, August 4, 2015

After passing away of former Amirul Mumineen Mullah Omar (ra), Al-Qaida, Taliban and IS should unite!

My initial reaction after the news of the demise of late leader of Taliban Mullah Omar (ra), was the same as that of Sayed Tayyeb Agha!
IS will be happy about the resignation of Tayyeb Agha, head of Qatar office of Taliban! As they were also happy after hearing Mullah Omar (ra) passed away two years ago.

Just like I didn't agree with the way Abu Bakr Al-Baghdadi was chosen, because I had the impression that Mullah Omar (ra) was alive & he was Amirul Mumineen, in the same way the manner in which the successor of Mullah Omar, Mullah Muhammad Akhtar Mansour has been chosen is not totally correct. He should have been chosen by the mujahideen who are fighting on the ground in Afghanistan & by their commanders and not abroad (probably Pakistan), also it was not right to keep the passing away of Mullah Omar (ra) a secret, those were major and historical blunders of the current Taliban leadership! They can better resign and appoint a new leader or together with Al-Qaida and its leader Ayman Al-Zawahiri (ra) give bay'ah to Abu Bakr Al-Baghdadi.

Now it is proven to the whole world that I am not a partisan of some group or blindly following any group! I am totally free, independent & critical thinker, I do my analysis and say the truth! For me islam and the ummah are most important. If Taliban make mistakes or do things contrary to shari'ah I will criticize them as I have done last few days and if IS or Al-Qaida or any other group or person do the same, then I will also do that. Of course I am not infallible nor do I have all the knowledge or information, so sometimes I adjust my views when I receive more information from different sides & after doing some more research.

I am for truth, doesn't matter who says it!
I am for justice, doesn't matter in favour of whom!
I am against injustice & evil, doesn't matter against whom or by whom!

I am for righteousness & goodness, doesn't matter who does it!
For me I don't care which group or person does what, as long as it is in accordance with shari'ah I support that action, intention, goal, methodology, deed & speech! And if that is not the case, then I reject it.
We should realise that not a single person or group today amongst us is infallible or 100% on haqq, but at the same time not a single group or person is 100% on baatil, except for Shaitan/Dajjal and their followers amongst the diehard disbelievers who fight islam and muslims, but even they can say sometimes word of truth or do something which can appear as good, so as to deceive mankind and entrap them!