Saturday, July 25, 2015

The West (Europeans) have killed more people in the past few centuries than combined people killed since start of historical process and emergence of humanity!

I think Europeans have killed in the last few centuries more people than all the people killed from the start of humanity put together!

Only in the First and Second World Wars more than 50 million people were killed by Europeans! Let alone the massacre and genocide of whole populations of Indians and Aboriginals or the killing of millions of muslims during the crusades, colonialism and the recent wars of the 20th and 21th centuries.

The reason why I said that the West (Europeans) have killed more people in the past few centuries than since the start of historical process is because until few centuries ago the general population of the world was significantly less and also the modern weapons of mass destruction and other killing mechanisms that were mainly invented by these same people weren't available by them, you cannot kill many people in short span of time with primitive weapons like stones and swords and so on.

We shouldn't forget that the real near conquest and liberation of Constantinople (Turkey) will be a peaceful one by mujahideen by dhikr (remembrance) of Allah as the prophet (pbuh) said! It will not be by IS, but true mujahideen!

Iran is part of United Nations and thereby it agrees to all resolutions, laws and agreements made by it. Also implicitely recognizing Israel!

Even when the prophet (pbuh) established the first Islamic State in Medina and hijrah (emigration) became obligatory from Mecca to Medina, still there were some muslims who stayed in Mecca with a valid or not valid reason, but still the prophet (pbuh) didn't do takfir on any of them!

The prophet (peace be upon him) never did takfir on anybody! He didn't declare any muslim as a disbeliever! Even the munafiqeen (hypocrites) who displayed outward appearance of islam were considered by him as muslims, he didn't judge them based on what was in their heart, because that is something between them and Allah and they will have to pay for that in the hereafter.

Syra has become a proxy war zone between regional and global powers such as China, Russia, US, NATO, Gulf states, IS, Al-Qaida, Syrian and Iraqi governments, Shi'a militias, intelligence agencies of different countries and lots of oter state and non-state actors. 

A trustworthy taliban member with inside knowledge confirmed on twitter today that Amirul Mumineen Mullah Omar regularly sends out important voice message directived to his subordinate leaders regarding important matters related to political affairs and ongoing jihad in Afghanistan and beyond.