Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Soon in some days there will be a historical, significant & important speech of Amirul Mumineen Mullah Muhammad Omar Mujahid (May Allah protect him)!

Everything revolves around love in this life & world! We worship Allah because we love Him, we follow the prophet (pbuh) because we love him etc. 

When you have the upper hand and you have defeated the enemy militarily, then there is no problem with making a peace deal or ceasefire, even the prophet (pbuh) did that at Hudaybia!

First Bush said we don't negotiate with 'terrorists' after 9/11 & attack on Afghanistan. Now they are desperate & beseech the Taliban for negotiations! 

Taliban will never compromise on main islamic principles even in peacetalks with Afghan puppet government or their masters at the White House & Brussels. The goal is end of occupation of Afghanistan, pull out of all foreign troops, full shari'ah implementation, islamic regime and many more important points. Until all of these points are achieved, jihad will go on even if one US or NATO soldier is remaning in the country and not all fitna is removed and no full shari'ah is implemented in all spheres of life as well as government.

IS wants to destroy the successful jihad against the zionist-crusader alliance and their puppets in Afghanistan, as they have destroyed the popular revolution and jihad in Syria in the past two years and killed more muslims and mujahideen then disbelieving enemies of islam and muslims! Also they have made the situation of Ahlul Sunnah more difficult with their foolish actions in Iraq, Syria, Caucasus, Nigeria, Pakistan and elsewhere.
If Al-Baghdadi had listened to the advice of Sheikh Al-Zawahiri in the beginning of 2013 and stayed in Iraq with his ISI, then this whole fitna and infighting between muslims and mujahideen would have been prevented!
The prophet (pbuh) said that every time a generation of Khawarij is cut off another would emerge, until the last of them follow Dajjal between Iraq and Syria! They would recite the Qur'an but it would not go further than their throats, they would apply the rulings of disbelievers on muslims, they would do takfir on muslims based on sins, they would kill the believers and leave the idolators, they would be harsh towards the muslims and mujahideen and leave the real enemies of the religion, they would be foolish and ignorant and extreme, they would seem very pious outwardly, but it is al superficiality and fake.
To be honest, when I look around today, these characteristics all apply on IS! The prophet (pbuh) said that if he would be alive in this time, he would destroy them as the people of 'Aad were destroyed by Allah in a mass punishment, you cannot argue or reason with them, they are like dogs of hellfire with rabid disease! 
If those associated with IS really fought for the sake of Allah they would have given bay'ah to Mullah Omar in Afghanistan and fought under him against the enemies of islam and muslims there, or at least not give bay'ah but fight side by side with the taliban, but instead of that they wanted the taliban to accept their fake 'caliphate' with threats and attacks and directed their weapons on muslims and mujahideen there, because of material incentives and power and arrogance, hence it shows that they are not sincere and don't fight for the sake of Allah. The same holds truth in other arenas of jihad in other parts of muslim world in relation to mujahideen which are already based there and are doing jihad for decades. 
So now it emerges that the recent attacks on ANP, ANA & ALP in Jalrez (Wardak) was because a young girl was raped by ALP forces, that is why the muslim population with the help of the Taliban managed to attack them and take over many posts and bases of them. Interesting fact to mention is also that the taliban movement emerged initially in Kandahar in the middle of the nineties of the previous century in much the same way, it was a reaction against those warlords who attacked the honor of innocent Afghans and there was chaos and anarchy and corruption and immorality everywhere, they restored then law and order with shari'ah law and brought those warlods to justice.

Because of the wisdom of the prophet (pbuh) and his keen eye for public policy and support from the popular opinion for his mission and state, he even prayed the janaza prayer for the leader of hypocrites Abdullah ibn Ubay ibn Salul and gave his shirt to his son to be used in the funeral and shrouding! He didn't even kill him when he was alive so that the people would not say that the prophet killed his own companions! Even though he knew he was a hypocrite and one of the worst ones.