Thursday, July 30, 2015

Now suddenly even Taliban on their official website & social media accounts admit that Amirul Mumineen Mullah Omar has died!

First when the rumours of the death of Mullah Omar appeared since some days I couldn't believe it was true. I couldn't believe the Taliban would lie about such a major matter and keep his dead secret for some years and continue to lie about him and even send out messages in his name during Eid! Then I said the following: 

If Mullah Omar was really dead or the Taliban had replaced him with another leader, then the Taliban themselves would be the first ones to announce it on their official websites or social media accounts of their spokespersons and representatives, but until now no such thing has happened, they say to the contrary that he didn't die and that he is alive and leading the movement and jihad.
I am in shock! This is impossible! Mullah Omar cannot be dead! Now they have also hacked the official websites and twitter accounts of the Islamic Emirate to announce his 'death'.

If he has indeed died two years ago then it was very inappropiratie of the taliban & their current leadership to hide that fact & lie about it!

A lot of the ordinary fighting taliban mujahideen will be feeling betrayed if this is true! They will fight against the current leadership or join IS!

I am not angry or sad because Amirul Mumineen Mullah Omar died, death is natural, every soul tastes it, but about the fact that they kept it hidden & didn't announce it & because they lied about it & thereby deceived the muslims & mujahideen
If Amirul Mumineen Mullah Omar really died, then may Allah forgive him & give him high place in paradise. May Allah unite all the muslims & mujahideen worldwide & give them victory, ameen. May Allah end the disunity, fitna & infighting ameen.
Now the political office of Taliban in Qatar says that even they were not aware of the death of Mullah Omar and that scholars had said not to publicize the matter in order not to harm the ongoing jihad.
I must say I don't believe them! Who are those scholars? How come this representative of Mullah Omar and Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan was themselves not aware as they say? So whom do they represent? Why did they lie all the time that they were true representatives of Mullah Omar and IEA? Why did they bring out fake messages in his name? Shame on them! 

Now I understand how the whole conflicting narratives came about amongst christians regarding what happend to Jesus (pbuh), whether he died or not or what happend to him after death, or regarding the Mahdi of the Shi'a, they say that he didn't die, or was born and then went into occultation or hiding and still lives and some day he will appear again.
One of the best strategies in order to make the enemies stop searching for Mullah Omar is first not to release his real picture to public and secondly to announce he has died all along. And then just wait until Taliban conquer Kabul once again and suddenly he appears in public and gives a speech, it would be nice.