Sunday, July 5, 2015

IS will never be able to defeat real mujahideen like the Taliban!

IS can never defeat the real mujahideen like Taliban by materialistic incentives & giving money to youth in Afghanistan! Because if that was a factor of defeating them, then America & NATO would have succeeded in the past 14 years, they spent billions of Dollars on this war & recruted hundreds of thousands of soldiers, policy, militias & other security forces, still they lost! Because materialism & disbelief will never be able to defeat true believers and mujahideen with correct faith, reliance upon Allah, deternmination and patience.

Gulbudin Hekmatyar is an agent of CIA & ISI & used to live in Iran under Shi'a regime while the Islamic Emirate had implemented shari'ah in Afghanistan. He was the one who participated in the internal infighting after the Russian defeat which resulted in the killing of 40.000 Afghans in Kabul alone!

The Afghan people & especially the mujahideen of Afghanistan are an independent & free muslim people, you cannot subdue them or make them your slaves & agents by the carrot or stick method, it is impossible! You cannot treat them unjustly or oppress them under the banner of democracy, communism or fake 'Khilafah', we are not easily deceived by false slogans and deceptive media or materialistic incentives and money! We fight against every form of occupation! We will fight any unjust and oppressive power, even if it is under the name of Islam, like IS and other fake mujahideen groups. The Taliban fight for a real islamic regime with shari'ah, shura, justice, equity, peace, security, justice, righteousness, self-determination, independence and sovereignty!