Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Clarification regarding the disappearance of my beard

After my recent pictures a lot of people have commented and asked questions regarding my beard. Maybe because they were surprised because first I had a full and long beard. That is only a natural reaction. But I must say that there was a reason behind it and inshaa'Allah soon I will get my beard back, it grows fast alhamdulilah, also I am still a muslim alhamdulilah and my convictions, faith and beliefs are the same. May Allah guide us all and forgive us ameen. I would also want to advice everyone not to judge too quick, there is a reason behind everything and I like personally the beard very much, at the same time it is the blessed sunnah of the prophet (pbuh) and every muslim should have a beard.

Ik adviseer iedere moslim die een volle baard heeft om niet teveel aan de baard te zitten, het begint met beetje trimmen en voordat je het weet heb je het geschoren, omdat je een keertje iets verkeerd getrimd hebt ahah

Beard doesn't make you a muslim, it is your faith, behaviour and good deeds that make you a proper muslim!

But at the same time we cannot deny that a proper muslim male should also have a beard if he is capable of that!

There is a difference between appearance and reality.

My wife was speaking on my behalf for the last few hours (on facebook via my profile/account), she is my online representative from now onwards, may Allah reward her for defending me. I didn't attach too much importance to this matter or the comments of many ignorant people to take time and effort to respond to them all, the sincere and wise people will understand and I thank them for their support and defense of me, they know that there must be a reason behind this and that I like the beard and that I won't shave it off just for fun or because I don't like the beard or want to commit and show a sin. My wife knows me and my intention and Allah also knows best what is in the heart and that is the most important thing for me, it is the pleasure of Allah that I am seeking, I don't fear the blame of the blamers, that is why I will continue to do dawah and speak the truth, command the good and forbid the evil and my beard will be back soon inshaa'Allah, fuller, bigger, stronger and longer, even though those with diseases in their hearts will go crazy.
We should give a muslim benefit of the doubt and 99 excuses, because Allah knows the intention and state of the heart and the real reason why something happened and not we, so we shouldn't be too quick to judge, but it seems some IS supporters just want to find some excuse to attack a fellow muslim, so they think very negative and make the most negative assumptions and are looking for excuses in order to make takfir, may Allah guide them and cure them ameen. 

Als het hebben van een baard of het dragen van hijab je arrogant en hoogmoedig maakt waardoor je gaat neerkijken op moslims die dat niet hebben en hun beledigen en aanvallen en over hen roddelen en lasteren, dan is dat een grotere zonde dan het tijdelijk niet hebben van een baard of het eventjes niet dragen van een hijab, vooral als daar een bepaalde reden achter zit wat jij niet weet. Of op zo'n minst kunnen we zeggen dat het in beide gevallen zonden zijn.
When having a beard or wearing a hijab makes you haughty and arrogant and you look down on other muslims, you attack them or malign them, you slander them and degrade them, you gossip about them or go even to the extreme of making takfir, then that is at least equally a sin if that brother or sister had done that without a valid reason, but it can become even a bigger sin if there is a reason that you don't know, but you judged too quickly out of arrogance and ignorance of his/her situation. He/she will get free hasanaat (good deeds) and publicity, while his beard will grow and she will wear your hijab, but you will have accumulated lots of sins all the time. He/she can be more humble and God-fearing than you and also obey Allah more in much more important areas, such as having a good behaviour, strong faith, good deeds, more knowledge, better worship etc.

Being harsh towards believers & soft towards enemies of islam & muslims, attacking muslims & mujahideen, doing takfir upon them & killing them are far more grave sins than temporarily having no beard!

One lesson what we can learn from all this is, is that many people are too quick to judge & ignorant & superficial, they should fear Allah, worry more about the spiritual condition of their heart & make their connection with Allah stronger, which will have good effect upon their behaviour, speech & deeds, may Allah guide us all & forgive us & clean our hearts & make true muslims from the outside & inside from us ameen.