Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Biggest Afghan online IS supporter & member Abu Talut/Abu Anas Al-Mujahid exposed!

Let me tell you all what I know until now about the biggest Afghan IS supporter & propagandist with the name of Abu Talut (previously Abu Anas Al-Mujahid).
I know him from online interactions from about 2008 onwards.
First he was a big supporter of AQ and Taliban and claimed he was doing jihad with them in Afghanistan against the Afghan puppet government and NATO/Americans.
He was spreading video's of Al-Qaida online like 'Knowledge is to act upon it', about the Manhattan Raid, he was also active on social media such as facebook as well as Islamic Awakening Forums and elsewhere with his characteristic profile image.
Then he was lost for some years, meaning not active anymore. I lost track of him. Then beginning of this year suddenly he reappeared on twitter, I asked him where he was and so on, he said he was imprisoned for some months, then he became free and became a big IS supporter. Then after some time he claimed he had given bay'ah to Abu Bakr Al-Baghdadi and was an IS fighter and was in Mosul. Then he said he was active in Afghanistan recruting for IS. Then he began attacks against AQ and Taliban and spread many lies and slandered them. And he continues until today, he says many contradictory things, that he was a former Taliban commander and also with AQ in Afghanistan, he says now that he is in Peshawar, Pakistan. The Taliban say that they don't know anybody with that profile and he was never with them, also that he lies and deceives and that he is probably living in Europe. So Allah knows best.