Sunday, June 21, 2015

The Taliban and their allies will be victorious! Zindabad Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan!

Only Dajjal would want breaking of ranks of global mujahideen movement, their weakness, spilling of innocent blood, killing of believers, doing takfir on muslims & mujahideen & attacking them, all in the name of a false 'Khilafah', while leaving the real enemies of islam & muslims alone.

'If you found out Mullah Omar on one street corner doing this, you set up Mullah Bradley on another street corner to counter it' (Rand thinktank report).

Een Nederlandse vrouw schijnt ontvoerd te zijn in Kabul, terwijl het parlement aangevallen wordt door de taliban terwijl een nieuwe minister van defensie beëdigd werd. 

In islam everything functionally depends on faith, goodness & the fear of Allah. One who is good in deeds & fears Allah, he is ours. If not like that, he is an alien. 

The West doesn't care whether Iran & the Shi'a or IS 'succeeds' or fails, they are both wrong versions of Islam, when they 'succeed' they will destroy each other and destroy the true image of islam, when they fail, they will also be happy, because their common enemy is weakened and the muslim world is destroyed and muslims are killed in the process.