Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Some comments of mine regarding the second part of Al-Jazeera Arabic interview with Sheikh Abu Muhammad Al-Joulani (May Allah protect him)

This part of the interview with Sheikh Al-Joulani is even better than the previous one! Wallahi he is on haqq and has hikmah and 'ilm! I am reminded to Sheikh Osama bin Laden (rahimahullah) after listening to Sheikh Abu Muhammad Al-Joulani (hafidhahullah)! He has similar soft spoken style and talks with intelligence and knowledge. He is merciful towards the believers and harsh towards the enemies of islam and muslims and has correct awareness of reality and understanding of history, revelation and current affairs. What a great difference between Sheikh Al-Joulani and Al-Baghdadi and Al-Adnani! He is rational, whereas they are emotional. He is also young, polite, humble, simple and a true believer like Amirul Mumineen Mullah Omar and Taliban leaders! Imagine if our leaders and scholars of mujahideen and ummah are like this, how will Imam Al-Mahdi and Isa (allaihi salam) be when they come! Sheikh Al-Joulani said that the Iranian project in the Middle East is to resurrect their once lost Persian Empire. Sheikh Al-Joulani said that Jabhatul Nusra is firmly connected to Al-Qaida and the global mujahideen movement. Sheikh Al-Joulani said that a relatively large segment of Jabhat al-Nusra consists of muhajireen (immigrants). Sheikh Al-Joulani said that even though IS has characteristics of Khawarij and they do takfir on JN, but he won't do takfir on them. Sheikh Al-Joulani said that IS has trangressed a lot against the mujahideen, killed more than 700 in eastern Syria alone and many leaders, even with their family members. Sheikh Al-Joulani said that islamic government (state) is the goal of all mujahideen, rule of shari'ah, justice and peace. Sheikh Al-Joulani said that it is not about breaking with Al-Qaida, because that is not the main problem of America with mujahideen. Sheikh Al-Joulani said that America and the west in general wasn't pleased with Muslim Brotherhood, even when they compromised so much in the religion. Sheikh Al-Joulani adviced Muslim Brotherhood and similar groups to do jihad, that is the only solution. Sheikh Al-Joulani said that he and Al-Baghdadi had bay'ah to Al-Zawahiri, leader of Al-Qaida. But Al-Baghdadi broke it. Tonights interview with Sheikh Al-Joulani was a big boost for the morale of the ummah and mujahideen and great dawah! Sheikh Al-Joulani appreciated the good works of Sayyid Qutb, Hassan Al-Banna, Sheikh Osama, Al-Zawahiri & the Taliban & its leadership! Sheikh Al-Joulani said that it was the strategy of Sheikh Osama (ra) and AQ to strike America in order to drag it to Afghanistan & then defeat them. Sheikh Al-Joulani said that the jihad in Syria, Iraq and elsewhere in the muslim world is all the blessed fruit of the Afghan jihad! Sheikh Al-Joulani said that the Arab rulers are not to be trusted, they are corrupt and tyrannical! Sheikh Al-Joulani said that the mujahideen are the true protectors of Ahl As-Sunnah worldwide! When I listened to Sheikh Al-Joulani I knew he was sincere and truthful, may Allah protect him and give the real mujahideen victory, ameen. Actually if you think about it, the black flags have from Khorasan have already arrived in Ash-Shaam! Soon in Al-Quds under Imam Al-Mahdi inshaa'Allah!

Sheikh Osama (rahimahullah) said that he and Al-Qaida gave bay'ah udhma to Amirul Mumineen Mullah Omar (hafidhahullah), bay'ah udhma means the major or general bay'ah (pledge or allegiance), that can only be given to a Khalifah/Amirul Mumineen, so that means that Mullah Omar is the leader of all believers and mujahideen worldwide!