Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Obama, Shaitan, Dajjal, Taghut and MI5, Mossad, CIA, FBI and enemies of islam and muslims are proud of the achievements of IS!

What a big disaster! Who would have thought that a so-called extreme 'jihadi' group would emerge & declare itself the 'Khilafah' & then kill the best of believers, mujahideen, their scholars & leaders with decades of experience & sacrifices done for the sake of Allah! Subhan'Allah which high ranking leader of disbelief has IS killed in the past years? We see them killing only best of mujahideen and their scholars and leaders in Ash-Shaam, in Libya, in Khorasan, in Iraq and elsewhere! Khilafah was meant to be a shield for the muslims & for the promotion of islam, but for IS it is meant for killing the muslims and mujahideen in its name and declaring them disbeliever and for demolishing the image of islam. What IS has done in one or two years to the global jihad & mujahideen, MI5, Mossad, CIA and other intelligence and security agencies and special forces of taghut couldn't even dream of! IS wants to eliminate all the legitimate & established mujahideen groups, their leaders and scholars and ordinary mujahideen, so when nobody remains after doing takfir on them and killing of them, because they didn't give bay'ah to Al-Baghdadi and didn't recognize his 'Khilafah, then he will claim, look, everybody is agreeing with me, nobody is opposing me, so I must be the man ahah Of course because only the na'am na'am saying and baaqiya shouting sheeple fans will be left.

If you look to the media appearance of IS and their own video's you would think that Islamic State and Shari'ah is only killing and giving punishments and so on, that is actually far from the truth of how a real islamic state and shari'ah should be! As a matter of fact the punishments are a very small part of the overal islamic system of governance and even then there are only four or five punishments which are corporeal, for very serious crimes and which has very stringent and strong conditions and requirements attached to it, there should be strong eye witnesses or other kinds of proofs and evidences, so the chances that they are really implemented is very low, they are meant more as a kind of deterrent and for other crimes just ordinary punitive punishments are enough and that is left to the discretion of the judge or ruler.

Just because a certain group of people give a certain label to themselves and a title to their leader doesn't make them as such in reality! For example many of the Shi'a militias fighting against IS in Iraq call themselves 'Asayib Ahlul Haqq, Hizbullah, Army of Mahdi and so on, so should we now see them in reality as such with those lofty names and titles? Of course not, we look at their ideology, words and deeds and then we compare that to the shari'ah based on Qur'an and Sunnah and then we come to the conclusion that they are deviant at least. The same should be done to IS which gives itself the label of 'The Islamic State', or 'The Khilafah' and its leader the title of 'Amirul Mumineen' or 'The Khalifah'.

The principle of acceptance of good deeds of those who fear God and have sincerity and truthfulness and do their deeds according to the shari'ah is very important! Because one of the characteristics of the khawarij is that they would do what appears to be a lot of good deeds, but because they are internally corrupt, it won't be accepted from them, so they are in lose-lose situation compared to a true believer or mujahid who is always in win-win situation even if he does little, but with ikhlas and sidq, imaan, 'ilm and taqwa! 

Eventually the army of Imam Al-Mahdi will be in total collision with the army of Dajjal. Now we see clearly which group belongs to which camp alhamdulilah!

The place of Najd (in Arabia), some parts of Iraq and its people, Dajjal and Khawarij have a lot of similarities!

Bin Laden foreign legion fuels hardline expansion

Allahu Akbar! The humble and simple home chamber of Amirul Mumineen Mullah Muhammad Omar Mujahid (hafidhahullah)! 

Amirul Mumineen Mullah Umar sacrificed his state for some Arab Muhajireen and for Sheikh Osama. Nationalist the ignorant IS supporters say

We have not seen a man respected by the people of Afghanistan and Pakistan, like we see them respect Amir Al Mumineen Mullah Muhammad Umar
Amirul Mumineen Mullah Mohammed Umar Mujahid Hafidahullah (May Allaah protect him).

Only those in the west support IS openly about whom we had suspicion all along that they worked for the taghut & their intelligence agencies!

Reports now emerge about Taliban & Iran working together, I'm sceptical about that, but it is interesting to not that the historical Khorasan region comprised parts of Iran (eastern part, there is even a province there with the same name) and the whole of Afghanistan and some parts of western Pakistan (tribal belt). So when the prophet (peace be upon him) said that from there the army with black banners would emerge, it could refer to this, especially when we know that the heart of Khorasan was Afghanistan.

Even if the reports are true, there is nothing wrong with a Sunni-Shi'a or Taliban-Iran-AQ alliance against global zionist-crusader alliance!

Imagine if the mujahideen of AQ & Taliban and their allies fight side by side with the Shi'a militias and Iran against Israel & the zionists and their allies the crusaders instead of each other.

We should all go back to how it started, at the beginning of islam and the time of the prophet (pbuh), there was no sectarian conflict, no Shi'a or Salafi, we were all one, we should go back to that original islam based on Qur'an and the teachings and sunnah of the prophet (pbuh).

When we the Sunni's love & follow the Ahlul Bayt more than the Shi'a & the Shi'a follow more the sunnah of the prophet (pbuh) than us, then the sectarian conflict & disunity will end inshaa'Allah!

First they said Pakistan & its intelligence agency ISI supported the Taliban, now that everybody knows that was not the case, suddenly media reports emerge which say that Taliban are supported by Iran. I don't believe it. I haven't seen any concrete evidences & proofs, this is all propaganda, how is it possible for Iran to support the Taliban or Al-Qaida while they worked together with America in the invasion of Iraq and Afghanistan. Also we see that the mujahideen which are fighting the Shi'a regimes of Iraq and Syria - which are supported by Iran - are part of Al-Qaida and Taliban brotherhood and alliance. 
It's interesting to note that the Syrian city of Ariha which was captured some time back by Jaysh Al-Fath is the oldest city of the world according to some tafsirs of the Qur'an. Also the name of this city was mentioned in relation to the story of Bani Israel and Musa (allaihi salam), when they came from Egypt eventually in Syria and Allah wanted them to capture Bayt Al-Maqdis from the Amalkites, they stayed there for a while.

Subhan'Allah compare the educational and imaan-boosting movies of The Taliban, AQ and JN with Hollywood action, thriller & horror movies of IS!
What a big difference! One attracts people to islam and explains to them the real purpose of jihad and does dawah, while the other actually gives dawah to the cause of the disbelievers fighting islam and muslims and scares people away from Islam! 

When the western people see IS video's they think muslims & mujahideen are God forbid bloodthirsty psychopath maniacs and massmurderers, that is actually what the Dajjalic media and zionist-crusader alliance wants them to believe! That is the image their orientalists tried to portray in their popular opinion for centuries! That was the reason they waged their crusades!
But when we see the video's of real mujahideen of AQ and Taliban for example, we see rational, dedicated, faithful, wise and pious believers, with clear methodology and goal, as saviours of mankind!