Monday, June 15, 2015

Leaders of AQ are martyred in drone strikes one after another, while none of IS!

It's very suspicious that many high ranking leaders of Al-Qaida have been martyred by drone strikes in different parts of muslim world but none of IS! 

It's like the fitna of Dajjal! He will say give me bay'ah & worship me. But real believers would reject him & a young man would stand up to him & say I prefer dying (as a martyr) than accepting you, so he would be killed by cutting him in half & bringing him back to life, then the young man would say, I am now even more convinced that you are the Dajjal, the great liar and deceiver and the Dajjal won't be able to kill him anymore. That boy will be a true believer and eventually he would become a great martyr. 

They (IS) should not rejoice, because as the Wise Man of The Ummah, Sheikh Ayman Al-Zawahiri (hafidhahullah) said, Al-Qaida is not (just) an organisation, it is the message of truth and it is jihad and mujahideen who follow the correct methodology and that will continue until the Day of Judgement! Even if all the leaders and mujahideen are killed, Allah will replace them and bring others instead of them, but this stream will still flow and not be changed!