Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Khawarij are not only dogs of hellfire, but in this world & life dogs with rabies disease!

It seems Al-Adnani has called all the mujahideen as sahawaat and did takfir on them, but in reality IS itself is acting as sahawaat, bughaat & khawarij!

Khawarij are not only the dogs of hellfire, but in this world and life now they act like dogs with rabies disease! Barking at muslims & mujahideen, while they get kicked by some Kurdish girls.
Remember my words carefully! Until now leader of AQ Sheikh Al-Zawahiri and leader of Islamic Emirate Amirul Mumineen Mullah Omar and the Taliban were very polite, respectful and merciful towards IS and their leaders, they gave them lots of chances to repent and come back to the straight path, they received lots of warnings, criticism and advices, just wait what they will receive very soon, remember my words, they will taste in coming time, in the near future a different medicine and method, they will get a response in the language that they can understand, because it seems you cannot reason with them, they don't understand the human and islamic language directed towards normals muslims, so in this extraordinary circumstance there is only one cure for their disease, deviancy, aggression, injustice and extremism, wait until the Eid Al-Fitr Khutbah speech of Amirul Mumineen Mullah Omar or before that and you will know! 

This is the first sign of their total demolition, defeat and humiliation. Getting kicked out by some atheist and communist Kurdish girls and they bark towards mujahideen!
Prophet Muhammad (peace & blessings of Allah be upon him): 'If I am alive when they (Khawarij) come, I would destroy them like the people of 'Aad were destroyed'. 
If IS was really sincere in its claim of wanting to uphold the word of Allah & doing jihad, then they would reinforce & support the already established mujahideen in Khorasan, Yemen, Caucasus, Africa & elsewhere in their fight against global disbelief, corruption, injustice & tyranny, but instead of doing that, they are just after power & want them to be subdued to them due to arrogance and love for this world, its pleasures & materialistic things like booty of war & dominance etc.

Human rights abuses against Sunnis in Iraq are acknowledged by international NGOs and the United Nations. Adnani knows it but hardly needs to add for his audience that the U.S.-led coalition is aligned with the perpetrators of those abuses. Washington’s anti-ISIS strategy is Adnani’s great rhetorical asset.

Carrying out atrocities, extreme acts, aggression oppression & injustice by so-called 'muslims' in the name of Islam or Islamic State is worse than if it is done by disbelievers or heretics fighting islam & muslims, because of the latter we can expect such things, they are not bound by any ethical or moral standards, nor do they have divine law to follow, nor do they fear God, but of the former it is unacceptable, because if they do such things, first of all it won't help islam & muslims, secondly it will tarnish the true image of islam & muslims, so cause more harm than goodness.

But is this not also partially caused by the brutality & extremism of IS(IS) itself:
“O Our People” was released on the same day as a new communiqué by ISIS spokesman Abu Mohammed al-Adnani. He explicitly addresses Sunnis in Iraq and says that they’re now living the reality, in Diyala, Kirkuk, Baghdad, Anbar, of what ISIS had long warned against—kidnapping, murder and ethnic cleansing at the hands of the Iraqi government and Iranian-backed Shia militias. Sunnis cannot show their religion or enter Baghdad, Adnani says—or to even call their sons Omar, Othman or Muawiya—giveaway Sunni names—for fear of being attacked or persecuted. This applies to “even their servants, sahwat, their stooges, who were in their service for years, even though they are more safavid [Shia Iranians] than safavids.” This is not a prediction but a reality today.

And here it bears remember that ISIS is largely run by former Soviet-trained Saddamists who have swapped the substance but not the style of their totalitarianism.

Each Grand Guignol-style execution is purposefully more horrifying than the last, because ISIS means to elicit an emotional response, and also control it.

“ISIS aims to be the subeditors of an international news cycle, which obliges the terror group by covering every atrocity with pornographic fascination as if no other organization in the Middle East murdered people in sadistically imaginative ways.”

والخوارج لا يكذبون وقد خبرت هؤلاء وتعاملت معهم فوجدت بعضهم أشد كذبا من

الروافض وأشد بهتانا من اليهود

Sheikh Abu Muhammad Al-Maqdisi says that the Khawarij of the past would not lie, but these people of IS are lying more than the Rawafidh and accuse and slander more (falsely) than the Jews! 

Kurdish Communist & Atheist People’s/Women’s Defense Units (YPG/YPJ) winning from IS near the capital of their 'Caliphate', this is the end result of arrogance & injustice! Allah humiliates!

Either way, the “caliphate” does not control the entire province of Raqqa. Given that the Islamic State’s claim to rule is based, in large part, on the idea that it is “remaining and expanding,” its recent territorial losses are clearly problematic.

Not possessing & not being able to control your own house, you declare ownership of all the homes in your neighbourhood. It sounds crazy right? Well this is exactly what IS did!

Never seen before picture of Sheikh Osama bin Laden (rahimahullah) with Sheikh and commander Abu Hafs Al-Misri (rahimahullah) in Afghanistan.