Monday, June 15, 2015

IS is the ISraeli State

IS is the ISraeli State, not the Islamic State! If ISrael was an Islamic State, it would be a Khilafah! Like in the time of David & Salomon, peace be upon them!

Sometimes it seems the Syrian conflict in general & the IS group in particular was a trap to get rid of many pious practicing muslims in the west. 

It's like the fitna of Dajjal! He will say give me bay'ah & worship me. But real believers would reject him & a young man would stand up to him & say I prefer dying (as a martyr) than accepting you, so he would be killed by cutting him in half & bringing him back to life, then the young man would say, I am now even more convinced that you are the Dajjal, the great liar and deceiver and the Dajjal won't be able to kill him anymore. That boy will be a true believer and eventually he would become a great martyr.