Wednesday, May 13, 2015

War is deception!

Not everything is as it seems. There is a difference between appearance and reality.
Using wisdom and strategy in tabligh and da'wah is the way of the prophets (peace be upon them all).
The Dajjalic system is based on deception. Just like Dajjal will be the biggest deceiver and liar mankind has ever faced!
So when you realise that, then you also realise why the Taliban leadership can't say everything openly! But they work on this:

You should understand that when the Amirul Mumineen or other members of the Taliban leadership speak publicly, they also want to influence the public opinion of the western people, of those member states of NATO. But at the same time also of neighbouring countries and the muslim ummah and other mujahideen. 

It doesn't make any sense to say that we want to conquer the whole world, or we want to defeat the regimes in the region, then you will get the whole world against you and the stay of the foreign troops which are already inside Afghanistan will only be prolonged, because the governments will use that as an excuse to scare the population to wage war against islam and muslims in that part of the world indefintely, but when one talks with wisdom, political correct speech and diplomacy, then one can convince them that first we want the liberation of our country and the implementation of shari'ah, which will bring about peace, justice, unity and security, that's an islamic obligation as well as human right, that's something natural that anybody understands, then they have the moral and ethical high ground, once that happens and the puppet regime in Kabul is defeated, then at that time it would be right to decide what to do after that, otherwise you will just repeat what happened in the last decades without any progress, one needs to have first a strong base and empowerment in every sense.

The disbelieving international powers say to the muslims, you don't have the right to defend yourself with weapons while we are attacking you with military means, taking away your rights, occupy your countries, kill you, imprison you, torture you, take away your freedom to practice your religion or have a decent life, plunder and steal your resources and misguide your children and impose upon you our man-made disbelieving ideologies, systems and laws and when you do so, when you do defend yourself, your country, religion and people, then we will call you a terrorist and use our media to portray you as the perpetrator of the crimes, terrorism and aggressions that we commit and guilty one and us as the victims.