Thursday, May 21, 2015

Some initial comments regarding latest issue 9 of Dabiq magazine produced by IS

So it seems Dabiq 9 is out. It's the usual slander, refutations, attacks & takfir on Taliban, Al-Qaida and other mujahideen in Ash-Shaam & around the world who don't agree with IS in Dabiq 9. Zahran Alloush is called openly, explicitly and unequivocally an apostate in Dabiq 9. The rest of the mujahideen are called at least 'jihad claimants' and slandered, or called sahawaat, or takfir is done against them directly or indirectly, that means they won't hesitate to cut their heads when caught. 

It's ironic that in the same magazine it is said that believing in conspiracy theories is a form of shirk, while at the same time saying that the whole world is fighting against IS, that they are the only true muslims and mujahideen and that there are no other real mujahideen left on the face of the earth, that everyone who is not with them is conspiring against them. That America and the west and other enemies of islam and muslims don't really fear Al-Qaida and the Taliban, Al-Zawahiri or Mullah Omar, that they are under the shadow of the tawagheet and that America is not interested in attacking them. That the only target is IS, because they fear it and it's a threat to them etc. What do you mean paranoia and conspiracy theory mindset.

Dabiq 9 regarding 9/11 attacks:
'The reality can only be the obvious one – the definite truth – and that is that the mujāhidīn under the leadership of Shaykh Usāmah (rahimahullāh) carried out the blessed attack and thereby humiliated America in a manner it never experienced before'.
So they were mujahideen then and are not mujahideen now? What changed? Ayman Al-Zawahiri and those with him are following exactly the aqeeda and manhaj of Sheikh Osama (ra), it is you that has deviated and changed and went into extremism!

Subhan'Allah how many IS supporters online came with many absurd conspiracy theories to deny that 9/11 was carried out by Al-Qaida, in order to indirecly attack it, out of hostility and hatred and make it insignificant, now their own official magazine says that it was indeed an act of AQ and that one shouldn't believe in conspiracy theories.

But a muslim should always tell the truth and be just, there is also an element of truth in Dabiq 9. Not everything is false or misguidance. Like I said about Dabiq 8, some points of their criticism on other groups is legitimate from shari'ah and reality point of view. When we judge on the apparent, then indeed some of those groups seems to be closer to the tawagheet, they are directly or indirectly supported by them in their war against the Syrian regime or against IS.