Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Satan-worshiping Satanists are getting more rights in the West to practice their 'religion', while the rights of muslims are taken away!

So now Satanists are demanding more rights? Does anybody still not believe we are at the climax of the End of Times? Unbelievable stuff going on in the rapidly changing world! What would be next? Dajjal coming out as a person and demanding people worship him and actually a substantial part of humanity following and worshipping him because they are pre-programmed to do that through media propaganda and indoctrination and because of attraction to the worldly life and it's pleasures and lack of knowledge of the true religion (islam).

So Satanists are allowed to openly call towards and practice their 'religion' in the west? While muslims are not allowed to properly practice their religion, as more and more rights are taken away from them, even in their own countries they are bombarded when they demand or implement shari'ah, so we truly live in a Dajjjalic New Secular Godless World Order!