Friday, May 8, 2015

Sad state and situation of the ummah and muslim world

Sometimes when I look at the state of the ummah and the warfare, infighting and destruction in the muslim world, it makes me wonder, how all of that will be repaired one day, how we will make it better one day, start the reconstruction. Subhan'Allah I think it can only be achieved with some kind of divine help given to Imam Al-Mahdi and Isa (allaihi salam) and the muslims and mujahideen with them. Because if this disunity and chaos and fitna continues, it would be impossible. Muslims are killing each other everywhere and destroying their own countries. Look at Israel, it has one of the best economies and infrastructure of the whole world, it is up to date to the modern developed nations standards, they are far advanced in science and technology and look to us. In the past we as muslims were at the top in every sense of the word, when we were really adhering to the teachings of the Qur'an and Sunnah. The Europeans and the rest of the world were in Dark Ages. They took all of that knowledge and wisdom from us and made their so-called civilisation, while we left the real islam and went back to jaahilya (age of ignorance).

How come one leader or scholar after another of AQ and Taliban are being martyred by drone attacks while IS can open a five star hotel in Mosul and announce to the whole world that high ranking commanders and leaders of them will enjoy themselves there?

So David Cameron won the UK election again and his Conservative party became the biggest, the question is, what have all those muslims who voted in the latest general national elections achieved?

What a big mess, chaos and fitna in Syria, when now the different opposition fighting factions take each other as prisoner and execute each other and call each other disbeliever, apostate, deviant, sahawaat, khawarij or something else.

In the west they solve their political and ideological differences by talking with each other, in the 'muslim' world they do takfir on each other, attack, kill and torture each other.
La hawla wa la quwata ila billah! (There is no might or power except that of Allah).