Saturday, May 2, 2015

Regarding the visit of Kurt Westergaard the Scandinavian filthy Danish dog to Holland & him speaking at 'De Balie' in Amsterdam

Today a Scandinavian Danish dog Kurt Westergaard was in Amsterdam being allowed by the Dutch government to spew his hatred and animosity and blasphemous words against islam and muslims and our beloved prophet (pbuh), while many imams and preachers are banned to come here due to so-called 'hate speech', they don't allow muslims to propagate islam and say the truth, while they allow such a dispicable lowly filthy dog to come here and spread hatred against islam and muslims and attack our beloved prophet (pbuh). He is the infamous cartoonist who made those first cartoons mocking our beloved prophet (peace be upon him). He set the precedent and Charlie Hebdo and others followed him in that. So they should take the example of the Charlie Hebdo cartoonist who stopped some days ago with what he was doing after they were taught a lesson in the beginning of this year in Paris. If they continue and don't repent and don't mend their ways, then the punishment of Allah and disgrace awaits them in this world and afterlife. They can either be punished directly by Allah or through the soldiers of Allah. So I advice and warn them again to stop with this, we want peace, security, and justice, we want to live in a civilized world, religious sacrosanctities should be respected, the best human being that has walked on the face of this world should be respected. Otherwise you are only dragging yourself to the hellfire and inviting the punishment, curse and disgrace from Allah upon you. So take heed of my advice and also I advice the Dutch government and other governments, civil society, media and other organisations and entities to not allow these kinds of filthy dogs to bark and to cause polarisation, animosity, disorder and hatred by their irresponsible words in society and the world in general.

Het lijkt erop alsof de overheid met opzet islamofobische haatzaaiers en blasfemische provocateurs de vrije loop laat gaan, om zo de haat en afkeer tegen hen bij moslimjongeren te laten stijgen en hun (negatieve) emoties aan te wakkeren, zodat ze uit boosheid iets gaan doen, wat dan weer als een excuus gebruikt zal worden om nog meer extreemrechtse krachten aan de macht te brengen en nog meer de rechten en vrijheden van moslims af te pakken of ze zelfs massaal hier aan te vallen en hun religie totaal te verbieden.