Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Regarding the prepraration of the Army of Imam Al-Mahdi from Khorasan, relation of Taliban with Iran and fitna of IS

From islamic point of view there is not so much of a difference between the khawarij extremists and the shi'a extremists, both are deviant and misguided and harmful towards islam and muslims and they are used by the external enemies of the religion without realising them.

The whole world should know that we Afghans and the mujahideen (taliban) of Afghanistan don't accept aggression, injustice, oppression and occupation in any sense whatsoever, whether it's under the banner of IS or American or NATO or Russian or English or whatever. You know the Taliban sacrificed their whole government, the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan for a few muhajireen guests, most of them were Arabs, because they came to help us and do jihad under Amirul Mumineen, but IS wants to enter Afghanistan arrogantly and wants us to obey them, that will never happen, we will kick them out like we kicked out all other empires, either they leave their extremism, khawarij and takfiri mentality and join the mujahideen and muslims and unite with them and don't attack them and give bay'ah to Amirul Mumineen Mullah Omar, or we will kick them out from Afghanistan, there is no place there for any arrogant and deviant usurper.

It's amazing how much similarity the enemies against islam & muslims have with the ignorant extremists & deviants who consider themselves to be part of the ummah, like for example both the khawarij and extremist shi'a raafida do taqiya to hide their real beliefs, also their supporters lack basic islamic akhlaq and adab, you see them making fun of scholars and mujahideen leaders, you see them slandering the believers and mocking them, you see them cursing and using bad words, IS and their followers did the same, but now they are exposed to the whole world, their inner hatred and animosity towards mujahideen and muslims is exposed, so now they do open takfir on the muslims and mujahideen and attack and kill them.

It is even possible that when Imam Al-Mahdi comes that the sincere muslims from the Shi'a and Sunni will unite under him!

Almost all of the established mujahideen groups have given bay'ah to Amirul Mumineen Mullah Omar (hafidhahullah), specially Al-Qaida and it's different affiliates and allies spread out all over the muslim world and beyond.

One of the reasons why IS can be considered literally as Khawarij is because they did khurouj against the legimate Leader of the Believers Mullah Omar, to whom all mujahideen had given bay'ah for 2 decades!

This Saudi figure Ahmed Al Hazimi is partly to blame for the whole fitna between muslims & mujahideen & extremism in takfir & khawarij mentality

It's strange that the Saudi taghut allows Madkhali & Ahmed Al Hazimi to preach openly their deviancy and opposite extremisms, while the true scholars of Ahlul Sunnah who say the truth and do dawah and are following the middle path between the Murji'a and Khawarij are imprisoned or killed or expelled. 

They do takfir on the so-called grave worshippers - I didn't know people in this ummah actually worship the graves or the death people - but don't do takfir on their own taghut king or those committing other forms of shirk and kufr. That's because the first form of takfir is political correct, even the taghut allows you to do it, because it diverts the attention of the masses, especially the youth, from other major problems in his own country.

Every time I try to give benefit of the doubt to IS and their online followers, they keep disappointing me with their extremism, takfir on muslims and mujahideen, lack of basic akhlaq and adab and their attacks, disrespect, mocking and killing of other muslims and mujahideen and their leaders and scholars. Subhan'Allah I even got happy about their recent victories over the Shi'a, but these people will still betray you and betray the ummah and the global mujahideen movement. They are doing the same thing as the enemies of islam and muslims amongst the disbelievers do, namely mocking, attacking, refuting and killing the sincere believers and mujahideen, especially their scholars and leaders.

You know funny thing is, IS supporters would always say why you spread kaafir media news, when they were portrayed negatively in the media or when confronted with the truth, but when something positive came out in the media, they would trust it and rely upon it and spread it, even though it was the same media. Also if you read their Dabiq magazine, they quote many a times kufaar, their media, their political leaders and so on against other mujahideen and muslims and their scholars and leaders, you see clearly their double standards and hypocrisy, may Allah guide them and end their deception and lies and misguidance and extremism, ameen.

It was due to the blessings of the good behaviors of the Companions of the Holy Prophet (peace be upon him), the rays of Tawheed and Shahada (basic tenets of Islam) reached vast parts of the world in a very short span of time. During the thirty years reign of the Companions of the Holy Prophet (peace be upon him), the Roman and Persian empires were conquered. Borders of the Islamic Caliphate reached India and China in the east and Africa and Morocco in the west. Due to the clemency, grace, tolerance, compassionate attitude and good behaviors of Mujahideen with local people a great number of inhabitants embraced Islam willingly.

The glory of Mujahid is that he constantly follows the commandments of Allah, the Almighty. His every movement is for the sake of Allah, the Almighty and he seeks His pleasure in every action. He desires the glory of Islam by giving sacrifices of life and wealth. He relies and trusts in Allah, the Almighty and fears Him only; adheres to the commandments and avoids prohibitions of Allah, the Almighty; he attributes success and victories to Him, the Almighty; prays and remembers Allah, the Almighty and asks Allah, the Almighty in time of need.

Humility, compassion, dedication are the attributes which have been mentioned in the Holy Quran regarding Mujahideen. Arrogance, conceit and inhumane conduct are not the qualities of a Mujahid.

One of the most important qualities of a Mujahid is justice. Mujahid maintains justice under every circumstances because the consequence of oppression is destruction. Oppression eliminates the grandeur and splendor of Jihad and stamps out the awe of Mujahideen.

War is deception. So what does it matter when in public statements of the Islamic Emirate they say that they don't want to interfene in the affairs of other countries - in order to put pressure on the tawagheet governments and positively change the public opinion of their masses to pull out their troops from Afghanistan - while at the same time we know that Al-Qaida gave them bay'ah and also other mujahideen groups and they are active in all parts of the (muslim) world? This was a reaction to this statement of Sheikh Abu Muhammad Al-Maqdisi on his official website: https://www.tawhed.ws/r?i=02041002