Thursday, May 28, 2015

My reaction to the latest interview of the leader of Jabhatul Nusra (Al-Qaida in Ash-Shaam) on Al-Jazeera Al-Fatih Abu Muhammad Al-Joulani (May Allah protect him)

Our Sheikh Jowlani, Announced the (Tawheed) Flag 
Our Ameer The Mullah (Umar) Did not rennounce his Deen (Islam) 
All these soldiers sold their souls to Allah

It will cause a lot of pain for the makers of Dabiq glossy magazine and those who agree with its content to hear Sheikh Al-Joulani & millions of people will listen to what he says. Eventually everything will perish except Allah (subhannahu wa ta'ala)! Sheikh Al-Fatih Abu Muhammad Al-Joulani (Hafidhahullah) is a very brave and sincere heroic muslim and mujahid leader! Isn't it strange that those whom IS considers as apostates fear Allah more and abide more with the shari'ah in their jihad & dealings? It's a sign of arrogance and lack of islamic ethics and morals to force or threaten people to give you bay'ah or recognize you as a Khalifah! If you had really established a Khilafah and you were really a Khalifah implementing the shari'ah, then all the muslims and mujahideen would run towards you or even crawl over ice to give you bay'ah and recognize your state and live under your authority willingly without any compulsion or force! 

We see a small part of the blessed face of Sheikh Abu Muhammad Al-Joulani (hafidhahullah) and he seems very charismatic and the noor of it spreads, he says good things, he invited even the Alawites and the Druze and other disbelievers who are fighting the muslims and mujahideen from Ahlul Sunnah to islam and they will be forgiven when they embrace islam or stop fighting us and hand themselvers over. He is very tolerant and this is how islam is, we are not blood thirsty, we only fight those who fight us, even if they claim they are muslims.

Jabhatul Nusra clearly abides by the shari'ah, we should distinguish between the disbelievers and the different sects, you cannot put them in the same category and generalise and fight and kill them all, like IS seems to do.

Jabhatul Nusra of Sheikh Abu Muhammad Al-Joulani (hafidhahullah) clearly abides by the guidelines of jihad set out by the leader of AQC Ayman Al-Zawahiri (hafidhahullah). 

Subhan'Allah this is the justice of islam, even though the Alawites headed by Bashar Al-Asside are committing genocide against Ahlul Sunnah in Ash-Shaam (killing hundreds of thousands), but still the leader of Al-Qaida says that they will be forgiven if they stop fighting us and we will not massacre them as they do to us! Allahu Akbar! Interview of Al-Joulani with Al-Jazeera was a great public relations and conquering of hearts and minds strategy.

Based on the little that we saw of the face of Sheikh Al-Joulani we can say with certainty that those pictures which were spread of supposedly being him were all fake. It is very wise of Sheikh Al-Joulani to not show much of himself on camera just like Amirul Mumineen Mullah Omar, that has many advantages, security wise but also islamically. Even Al-Baghdadi understands that, even after the proclamation of his so-called Caliphate and him declaring himself 'Khalifah' we just saw him once since a year ago!

I am now curious how the Mahdi will speak to mankind when he comes? Will it be through a satellite tv or other medium? Of course he will speak totally different than these leaders of the mujahideen, but still it is interesting to note that if these leaders generate so much interest and millions of people all over the world listen to what they have to say, how much more interest and curiosity there would be when Imam Al-Mahdi and Isa (allaihi salam) come. 

You can read here parts of the translation and main points of this interview translated by Pieter van Ostaeyen 

It is interesting to note that all the different affiliates of Al-Qaida are under Sheikh Ayman Al-Zawahiri (hafidhullah) of Al-Qaida Central in Khorasan and he has given bay'ah to Amirul Mumineen Mullah Omar (Hafidhahullah) and he said that they all are soldiers of the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan, that means that the righteous and blessed real Khilafah is near inshaa'Allah!

When we come in the media, we should do dawah and jihad in the best way with our tongue, this is what Sheikh Al-Joulani did yesterday! 
Sheikh Al-Joulani knows what Sheikh Al-Zawahiri said that more than 60% of Jihad is media work! When you win the battle of hearts and minds, it is much more easier to win the physical and military battle on the ground! Sheikh Al-Joulani understands that even one of the goals of Jihad is Dawah, that's why he invited the disbelievers and the deviant sects to islam in the best way. Also Sheikh Al-Joulani emphasised that we very much like them to stop fighting us and choose for peace, than to kill them. Sheikh Al-Joulani made clear that the mujahideen only fight those amongst disbelievers and deviants who fight islam and muslims!