Sunday, May 31, 2015

How come IS is spreading fitna & fasaad, doing takfir on muslims & mujahideen, killing the muslims & mujahideen and leaving the original disbelieving enemies of islam & musims?

IS released today their first official video regarding the fitna & infighting and breaking of the ranks of the mujahideen they have caused with Taliban in Khorasan!

It seems IS has attracted the AbuBakar Shekau of Afghanistan to themselves, screaming, shouting, making takfir, threatening and saying baaqiya baaqiya

Subhan'Allah everywhere they have the same characteristics, little knowledge, intelligence, understanding & wisdom, but a lot of ignorance, emotions, screaming, threatening, making takfir and attacking the mujahideen and mujahideen.

Has IS ever fought any American, NATO or Zionist soldier since the proclamation of their so-called 'Khilafah'?

Hoe come IS is killing Taliban in Khorasan, mujahideen of JN/AQ and other groups in Syria?

You know only in Afghanistan the Taliban controls more land mass than IS in Iraq & Syria combined! 

Total area Iraq: 437,072 km2 
Total area Syria: 185,180 km2 
Total area Afghanistan: 652.864 km² 

More than 70% of Afghanistan is currently under Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan, in the past they had more than 95% of the country and soon again inshaa'Allah.

 IS only controls 1/3 of Iraq and Syria, most of it uninhabited desert area with very few population. 

Also the Sunni population under Taliban rule and their own strength is more than total population and strength of IS in Iraq & Syria 

Population Syria: 17,951,639 (59–60% are Sunni)
 Population Iraq: 36,004,552 (only 35% are Sunni)
 Population Afghanistan: 31.822.848 (More than 95% Sunni)

 Let alone the area under control of Al-Qaida affliates and the mujahideen and Taliban of Pakistan and other parts of the world who gave bay'ah to Mullah Omar!

It is ironic that the jaahil (ignorant) commander of IS of today's video quoted a hadith of the prophet (pbuh) in which he said that if there is a Khalifah/Amirul Mumineen and then another one comes to replace him, cut his head off! So that means he gave fatwa to cut the head of Al-Baghdadi off, because Mullah Omar was already leader of the believers for almost 20 years now and recognizes as such by the ummah and by its mujahideen leaders and scholars inside and outside of Afghanistan!

The IS supporters are so foolish that they don't even understand that Amirul Mumineen and Khalifah mean basically the same thing, it's the same