Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Allah the blessed and most exalted is our Lord, He is Sovereign, the real Leglislator and Ruler!

Subhan'Allah in the Qur'an Allah (subhannahu wa ta'ala) tells the muslims that if they had even obeyed the mushrikeen (polytheists) of that time regarding their doubts about the method of slaughtering an animal and whether one should eat or not eat a dead animal, which died by natural death. If the muslims would obey them in this matter, so do something which Allah made haram or leave something which Allah made halal, then that would make them mushrikeen like them!

We do not change the system that is based on shirk and kufr by committing shirk and kufr ourselves! No rather we should remove its foundation and roots and totally change it from outside and inside, from the top and the bottom!
Allah (subhannahu wa ta'ala) is the best legislator and law-maker! We don't need any human being to take His place! Those who fulfil the true purpose of their life and have faith, light and insight in their hearts are alive, the rest are dead.