Sunday, April 12, 2015

The reason why the so-called 'terrorism' threat level is critical and substantial in the west!

Open Your Eyes

You know something, the enemies fear the support of muslim masses for IS, imagine how much they will be in fear of the real Khilafah!

Because they see that even though IS is not the real ideal Islamic State, still it attracts some youth and it has some support, imagine then

So one good development that has happened in these times is that an islamic awakening is going on and the muslims have woken up!

Now the east as well as the west knows that the muslims want the rule of islam, they want their caliphate with 100% shari'ah! All of them!

So the more the muslim minorities living in the west are oppressed, the more muslim majority countries are bombarded, the more they wake up!

Do We Have Any Other Eyes Besides These Eyes?