Thursday, April 30, 2015

The Qur'an is really a treasure trove of knowledge and wisdom and Islam is very beautiful!

The Qur'an is really a treasure trove of knowledge and wisdom! Everything is explained in it! As long as you search in the right place and with the right tools of analysis!

Subhan'Allah Islam is so beautiful, the more you come to know about it and the deeper you go, the more you love it!

Literally everything that is important in the lives of human beings is explained in the Qur'an, our history of the past, explanation of our present and even what the future will bring about!

In the Qur'an you find the psychology of human beings explained, what goes on in our hearts and minds!

In the Qur'an you find about business transactions and dealings. How to conduct good ethical and moral business and how to manage the finance of your home, society and country and international monetary and financial dealings! What the currency should be, about the free and fair market, about the coins and money we should use, about weighing and measuring justly and correctly and more!

In the Qur'an you find about managing the political and social affairs of a society and country and even islamic empire! How you should deal with friends and foes, how to make alliances and peace treaties, hoe to wage war ethically and morally, about real human rights and human dignity, how one should deal with muslims and non-muslims, those non-muslims who live under the islamic authority and those who are at war with you, those who have animosity and hatred and are combatants and those who are peaceful and have peace treaty or alliance with you etc.

Only in the Qur'an you find the real stories of the lives of the important prophets who came from the beginning of history until the last one! Nowhere else can you find their true story except in the Qur'an!

The Qur'an is the only book which contains 100% the words of God today, there is no other book on the face of the earth, which is complete and uncorrupted without any contradictions!

Only in the Qur'an you can find about your own origin, where you where and what you were even before you were born and what will happen to you after your death, nowhere else can you find accurate information about those matters!

In the Qur'an you will find scientific and accurate and certain knowledge and information about human embryology, about science and technology, about cosmology, about the earth, ocean, under the earth, the sky, stars and planets, inside our bodies, heart and mind, everything! About modes of transportation and communication, about other living species that we can see and not see, about animals and insects, wallahi about everything! 

Subhan'Allah the Qur'an is so accurate regarding the shares of inheritance and regarding whom you are allowed to marry and whom not. This is the only book which has extensive legislation regarding that, it shows that it is truly from Allah. Especially if you read those parts with proper exegeses then you understand that there is wisdom behind every single part of it!