Tuesday, April 14, 2015

The caravan goes on while the dogs bark. Some comments regarding martyrdom of Sheikh Ibrahim Al-Rubaish (rahimahullah)

We received the news that Sheikh Ibrahim Al-Rubaish has become shaheed (martyred), may Allah accept him and give him highest place in jannah, ameen.

It is obvious that the Zionist-Crusader-Majoosi-Secular-Apostate alliance targets mainly the leadership of the mujahideen of Al-Qaida.

The Zionist-Crusader alliance and their allies and puppets should know that the blessed ummah will produce again and again the likes of Al-Awlaki, Al-Nadhari and Rubaishi, don't be happy and rejoice. After Osama (ra) there is Al-Zawahiri and after Al-Zawahiri there is Mullah Omar and after Mullah Omar there will be another mujahid leader and muwahid or scholar that will take his place. This ummah of 1,8 billion souls has enough of those sons with blessed souls!

It's strange that the western media and political elite say on one side that Al-Qaida is no more and that IS is a real threat and that they have power etc. But at the same time they only target the leaders and high ranking mujahideen of Al-Qaida everywhere and leave IS leadership alone, they carry out only some symbolical strikes here and there!