Saturday, April 4, 2015

Some words of truth and wisdom for today

We should never forget the law of replacement!
It holds true for all muslims and mujahideen, doesn't matter to which group they belong!
When you don't fulfil your obligations and you don't abide by the shari'ah as you should, then Allah will replace you with those who are better than you!

Muslims should stop calling each other all kinds of names! It's wrong! It's forbidden! The average muslim doesn't have enough knowledge to decide who belongs to which sect or whether or not they are misguided or deviant or not and to what degree! Also we should watch out with takfir!

Don't forget that when they arrest muslims here in the east, they don't care to which group you belong or whom you support!

Don't forget that when they attack muslims and bombard them in muslim countries, they don't care to which group they belong or support!

Every muslim and believer believes in Tawheed! In the Oneness of Allah! Don't divide the ummah by claiming a monopoly on tawheed or thinking that you are only a muwahid and your group!

It's good to have also haters, critics & enemies, they keep you alert & motivate & stimulate you to gain more knowledge & become even better in what you do!

In het Nederlands:

Hoe kan een moslim die volledig vreedzaam te werk gaat en enkel zijn mening uit binnen de kaders van de wet een terrorist zijn?

Waarom wordt de bankrekening van Geert Wilders niet geblokkeerd?

Waarom worden de bankrekeningen van al die zionistische Nederlanders die jaarlijks naar Israël gaan in honderdtallen om daar militaire training te volgen of te participeren in hun oorlog tegen onschuldige Palestijnen niet geblokkeerd?

Bankieren zoals die van Rabobank zijn gewoon slaven van Internationale Zionisme en overheden zijn weer afhankelijk van hen.

Burgers in deze landen zijn weer slaven van de slaven van de slaven!

De Zionistische entiteit 'Israël' genaamd is de as van het kwaad!

How true is the rumour that Sheikh Ayman Al-Zawahiri (hafidhahullah) is going to give bay'ah to Al-Baghdadi? I can't believe it to be honest.

The reason I don't believe the rumour about Sheikh Al-Zawahiri giving bay'ah to IS is because just some months ago he said Amirul Mumineen is Mullah Omar while announcing AQIS

Sheikh Ayman Al-Zawahiri (hafidhahullah) reaffirmed and confirmed his bay'ah with Amirul Mumineen Mullah Umar Mujahid (hafidhahullah)!

Al Qaeda renews its oath of allegiance to Taliban leader Mullah Omar

So after Kobane, IS is now also driven out from Tikrit. What's next? Mosul? This is the result of their haughtiness, false pride & arrogance! Now the ordinary muslims and mujahideen of Ahlul Sunnah will suffer the consequences of their foolishness and stupidity and not listening to the scholars and leaders of the ummah and mujahideen!

A Speech by the Sheikh Abu Muhammad al-Joulani, entitled
“Victory from Allah, and a near conquest”

'Oh you muslims! Verily, the wind of victory that has blown on the Levant proves for all that striving behind the west and the surrounding nations to give them victory is striving behind a mirage. For verily, victory and the honor of Islam will not return by the hands of criminal murderers as it will not return by the hands of the clients of the west. Those who have not failed to stab us in the back in order to gain the pleasure of the Americans. Rather, victory only descends by following the command of Allah, the Mighty and Majestic, and the gathering of the muslims around the truthful mujahideen. The truthful mujahideen, they are the strong foundation of the (Islamic) Nation, that which does not weaken or surrender, by the permission of Allah' (Sheikh Abu Muhammad al-Joulani).

The IS fighters and their online supporters can learn a lot from the akhlaq & adab of JN fighters & supporters online!

And Al-Adnani can learn a lot of akhlaq and adab from Sheikh Al-Joulani!

Al-Baghdadi can learn a lot of wisdom and knowledge from Sheikh Al-Zawahiri!

And regarding truthfulness, keeping to covenants, treaties and your word and the protection of muslims, especially the mujahideen and muhajireen, IS and their leadership can learn a lot from Amirul Mumineen Mullah Umar Mujahid (hafidhahullah) and the Taliban.
Also regarding putting the principles of religion and pleasure of Allah and rewards of hereafter above worldly pursuits or some power and authority! Also they can learn humility, taqwa and imaan and tawakul on Allah from them! Also they can learn tawheed not just in theory but in practice from Mullah Omar and his followers!

The extremism in takfir and khawarij mentality of IS has caused a lot of harm for the ummah and the mujahideen and slowed down, almost destroyed the jihad of Ash-Shaam and elsewhere! May Allah guide them ameen.

Allah doesn't like those who are haughty and arrogant and behave like gangsters and maffia and hooligans, even if they claim to be mujahideen!

Most of the IS followers and supporters from the west were doing that because IS was 'popular', because of their propaganda video's, now that IS is losing and becoming unpopular, you see the support also lessening, this shows that they were not knowledgeable people with sincerity, they were just like football supporters following blindly a team and cheering for it, because they thought they would win and were strong. But real believers recognize those who are upon the truth because they know the truth and hence they support them, doesn't matter whether they lose or win some battles, or whether they are strong or weak in worldly sense, or big or small in numbers and other factors.

The Israelites were so insolent towards Musa (pbuh) and were mistrusting him a lot and slandered him and accused him of all kinds of things subhan'Allah! We see some people in this ummah showing unfortunately the same behaviour towards scholars and leaders of mujahideen who expose them or criticize them or just advice them!

Update 11:47

Rabobank sluit bankrekening Leidse 'twitterjihadist'

(Foto: Shabir Burhani (Facebook))
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LEIDEN - De Rabobank heeft de bankrekening van moslim en shariabepleiter Shabir Burhani uit Leiden geblokkeerd. De 23-jarige student van Afghaanse afkomst schrijft dagelijks op sociale media over de radicale islam. De Rabobank sluit de rekening nu af op basis van de wet die financiering van terrorisme verbiedt.
Burhani, ook wel bekend onder het pseudoniem Maiwand al-Afghani, is een Leidse bestuurskundestudent die al jaren online de jihad bepleit. Ook was hij woordvoerder van Sharia4Holland.

Burhani noemt het besluit van de Rabobank 'onrechtvaardig'. 
Gevaarlijke pizza?

“Misschien bedoelen ze met vreemde betaalpatronen dat ik af en toe een Domino's pizzaatje Tonijn bestel via internet bankieren app van de Rabobank op mijn Samsung Galaxy”, aldus Burbani.
Burbani vervolgt op Facebook: “Dus ik zou sympathiseren met IS, waaruit blijkt dat? Ik heb juist veel kritiek geuit op vele handelingen, woorden en gedachtegoed van IS die niet conform de shariah zijn.”

Jihadstudent, twitterjihadist, jihad propagandist ahah

The Jewish qualities inside the ummah and mujahideen is destroying us!

Hypocrites, deviants and apostates has always from beginning of islamic history a very close relation with the Jews and the deviant sects such as Khawarij and Shi'a and also the mushrikaan and kufaar who fight islam and muslims! That is because the aim of all of them is the same, destroying the real islam and muslims, even if their intentions differ, some do it from within, some from outside, some pretend to be muslim and some don't, so do it openly and some secretely! They also support the extremists on all sides, because foolish and ignorant extremists cause also a lot of harm!

Abdullah ibn Ubay Ibn Salul was the leader of hypocrites (munafiqeen) at the time of the prophet (pbuh), he had close relations with the Jews and was plotting with them and the mushrikeen against the prophet and muslims!

Abdullah ibn Saba' started the Shi'a sect, he was a (former) Jew who was also a hypocrite and wanted to destroy islam and the ummah from within! Afterwards the Khawarij came also from them!

Abdullah ibn Salam was a Jewish scholar who reverted to Islam and accepted the prophet (pbuh) and its message and Qur'an, he was sincere, so all those Jews and hypocrites attacked him and mocked him and slandered him, before that he was respected a lot!