Saturday, April 18, 2015

Some comments regarding the massacre against innocent civilians carried out in Jalalabad today by IS

It seems IS has attacked innocent muslims at public places today in Jalalabad Afghanistan! La hawla wa la quwata ila billah!

This is the so-called 'jihad' of IS(IS) in Afghanistan! We don't want this fitna, this killing, this destruction in Afghanistan! They destroyd the jihad and the ummah in Syria and Iraq and disunited the muslims and mujahideen and killed a lot of innocent muslims there, that which the zionist-crusader alliance and their allies, dictators and puppets had been doing for decades, now they want to export this mess to Afghanistan.

After two of the leaders of so-called Wilayah Khorasan of IS were killed recently, they took revenge on innocent Afghans.

Now they have declared open war against the Taliban, Muslim Ummah and the Afghan nation, Shahidullah Shahid has made himself target.

Nobody of the mujahideen or leadership of the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan allowed IS to unilaterally declare a province in Afghanistan.

Afghanistan is the Graveyard of Empires, anybody who comes there arrogantly and wages war, is seen as an enemy and occupier by Afghans.

If you want to do jihad, you are welcome, but then you have to give bay'ah to Amirul Mumineen Mullah Omar and fight under his banner like AQ

The Afghan mujahideen masses kicked out the British when they had an empire, then the Soviet Union, now NATO and American soldiers.

We never accept any form of occupation, tyranny or injustice, even if it is in the form of 'Khilafah' or whatever. You have to obey us there

Khilafah is not just an empty name. It has to have substance, fruits, concrete achievements, it should fulfil conditions and requirements, it should adhere to full shari'ah, it should protect the ummah, instead of killing the muslims and mujahideen, it should end the fitna instead of causing and proliferating it, it should unite the muslims, instead of dividing them and the mujahideen, their leader should be chosen by the ummah and we should be pleased with him, it should be merciful with the muslims, it should protect and help the weak ones amongst them, it should be harsh against the real enemies, it should liberate the muslim countries, it should not be one of extremism in takfir and khawarij mentality, hooliganism, sectarian and hizbiya mindset and killing and destruction.