Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Some comments regarding latest research and publication of Pew Research Center

Allahu Akbar! There are about 43 million muslims in Europe! And it is growing rapidly alhamdulilah Fact of the matter is, even though majority of the European population considers itself Christian, but in reality they practice almost nothing of Christianity. They don't even believe in the Bible, most of them are in reality agnostic or atheist, they don't even believe in God anymore, nor follow Jesus as they should. So God willing they will convert/revert in the coming decades also to the true religion of Islam. Most of the Christians in Europe don't even go to the church anymore, so those churches will be transformed into mosques inshaa'Allah. Christians don't know nor practice anything of Christianity anymore except celebrating Christmas and eating pork, incidentally Christmas has a pagan origin, has nothing to do with real historical Jesus and pork is also forbidden in the Bible, even though the Bible of today is corrupted and changed, so almost nothing of the word of God is left in it. Also there was no such thing as Christianity at the time of Jesus, nor was he or his real followers Christians, they were muslims and their real religion was Islam. Subhan'Allah there live more muslims in Europe than the total Sunni population of Syria and Iraq combined and the so-called Caliphate of IS controls only 1/3 of Syrian and Iraqi territory. So do you really expect all of those 43 million muslims to make hijra and go there? Let alone more than 1,5 billion muslims of the rest of the world!