Friday, April 3, 2015

Some comments regarding Dabiq 8, IS, Taliban, Jihad in Ash-Shaam and lessons and experiences from first Afghan Jihad!

I must admit that IS did refute some of those misguided and deviant groups in Ash-Shaam in the lastest issue 8 of Dabiq magazine!

You can say whatever you want to say about IS, but they are consistent and constant in their approach, they don't compromise and they make clear distinction between their camp and others. They clearly say what they stand for, while others are diluting their method and their message for political or worldly ends.

We should never forget the law of replacement! 

It holds true for all muslims and mujahideen, doesn't matter to which group they belong!

When you don't fulfil your obligations and you don't abide by the shari'ah as you should, then Allah will replace you with those who are better than you!

Muslims should stop calling each other all kinds of names! It's wrong! It's forbidden! The average muslim doesn't have enough knowledge to decide who belongs to which sect or whether or not they are misguided or deviant or not and to what degree! Also we should watch out with takfir!

But still I don't agree with everything what IS (leadership and footsoldiers of the group) thinks, believes, does or says. I am in favour of unity based on tawheed and based on the fundamental principles of islam. All the Sunni muslims and mujahideen in Ash-Shaam and elsewhere should unite under one State or one Emirate, that is better for them than all those separate groups, because that will eventually lead to fitna and infighting, either in the beginning, middle or end of jihad. In Afghanistan during the eighties and nineties of the previous century it happened at the end of the jihad, when the Soviet Union and the puppet communist government was defeated by the mujahideen. Then the Taliban were established who once again united the muslims and mujahideen under the Islamic Emirate.

As-Sahab – First Interview With Sheikh Al-Mujahid Ustadh Yasir (Rahimahullah)
Very important interview! With an eye on the jihad of Ash-Shaam based on past experience of the Afghan jihad!