Sunday, April 5, 2015

Islam is the fastest growing religion and muslims will form majority in coming decades inshaa'Allah!

In the year 2070 Islam will become the biggest religion in the world and muslims will form the majority of the population of the world inshaa'Allah. But at the same time the enemies realise this, they know islam is the fastest growing religion even now, so that is why they kill us everywhere, look to Syria, Afghanistan and Iraq and elsewhere, we should not fall into their traps, we should cease all sectarian warfare and infighting and unite as muslims and mujahideen and live in peace. Of course we should still strive to free our countries from foreign domination and get our sovereignty back, so that we can establish the real Khilafah with shari'ah as the highest law.

Also every muslim should listen to this lecture series if they haven't done so!

The Ummah & Allaah's Promise