Sunday, April 5, 2015

Easter has nothing to do with the life of Jesus/Isa (peace be upon him)! Because he didn't die!

So Easter has a pagan Assyrian and Babylonian origin, it was dedicated to worship the mythological goddess of fertility Ishtar!

The so-called Christianity of today and all it's celebrations and rituals have more to do with paganism and polytheism than real Jesus!

Jesus (Isa) peace be upon him was a muslim, he was worshipping the One True God of the universe! His real followers were muslims!

The religion of Jesus/Isa (peace be upon him) was Islam, meaning submission to the one true God, whom we call Allah! He was a muslim!

Jesus did not die! He was not resurrected! He was raised up by Allah alive to the heaven. In the near future he will come back inshaa'Allah!

When Jesus comes back he will totally destroy Christianity and Judaism and every other fake religion and ideology! Only Islam will remain!

When Jesus comes back he will rule with shari'ah, like before him Imam Al-Mahdi, he will be the ruler of the legitimate Islamic State!

Easter has nothing to do with the life of Jesus/Isa (peace be upon him)! Because he didn't die!

The west is nowadays celebrating Easter and claiming to be 'Christian' while their ancestors the Romans tried to kill Jesus/Isa (pbuh) from islamic perspective and he was betrayed by his own people the Jews! Of course from their perspective they believed he was really killed by them and crusified! It doesn't make any sense!
In reality Jesus/Isa was a prophet of God. He was a muslim, a monotheist! He didn't call people to worship him, as he worshipped the one true God! Who created him without any father! His birth was a miracle! He wasn't killed, he was raised up alive and saved by God. Soon he will come back to fulfill his mission and to implement the shari'ah and rule with islam! He will make islam dominate over the whole world! He will abolish the false and fake religions that were made in his name like Christianity or what came before it like Judaism which was a corruption of the real teachings of Moses (pbuh) and his religion of islam, the religion of all the prophets and messengers from the beginning of history!