Monday, April 20, 2015

Climax of the end of times!

I think a lot of the youth are becoming fed up and disillusioned with the whole situation in the muslim world, it is chaotic, complex and a mess. Fitna, killing, corruption and destruction everywhere, warfare everywhere, good and evil is not clearly distinguished, all groups claim to be on the truth and represent the real islam and want to defend islam and the ummah, but reality is otherwise, their speeches, ideologies and actions don't match up. Also they are fighting each other, with or without the support of external and internal enemies of islam and muslims and the disbelievers in general and their puppets and allies. Hypocrisy, apostasy and sinfulness everywhere. Injustice and immorality and ignorance has reached its climax, those who claim to do jihad have either fallen into extreme violance and random killing and destruction and doing takfir even on muslims and mujahideen, beheadings and crucifixions and punishements, or they have become too negligent and are so-called modernist, civil, liberal, democrat and almost secular and outside of the fold of islam, wanting help from leaders and countries who are also at war with islam and muslims, especially the shari'ah and concept of khilafah in one way or another.
I think this is the time for Imam Al-Mahdi and then Isa (allaihi salam) to come and bring order to this disorder, bring justice of islam instead of this universal injustice, establish peace and security in the muslim world, instead of killing, destruction, corruption, immorality and negativity around everywhere. To cleanse the hearts and the minds of the people, inculcate true islamic teachings, with real middle way, wisdom and knowledge. Establishing real brotherhood amongst the believers, with tolerance, love and mercy. Bring about real unity in the ummah. Now it's the time!