Wednesday, March 25, 2015

The effects of the ideology, actions and words of IS

The ideology, actions and words of IS and their supporters makes even muslims hate mujahideen & jihad and non-muslims hate islam & muslims!

When IS supporters call you (muslim) as murtad (apostate) or munafiq (hypocrite) or kaafir (disbeliever), just because you say the truth!

La hawla wa la quwata ila billah!

They make takfir on muslims & mujahideen based on whims, desires, assumptions, negative thinking & hatred

They are so eager to put muslims and mujahideen outside the fold of islam! They push muslims out of the religion! Upside down worldview!

They become happy when they see a sin, fault, mistake, saying or deed of kufr & shirk with a muslim, even if that is not even the case!

Wallahi they are doing the job of Shaitan and his supporters! The prophets & messengers and their followers would bring people into Islam!

Before when certain muslims would say that Al-Qaida has hijacked my religion I wouldn't understand that, but IS really hijacked Islam!