Friday, March 27, 2015

Statement of Islamic Emirate concerning US announcement of maintaining troops

The American president Obama announced yesterday that he shall maintain all of his invading troops inside Afghanistan throughout the year 2015 to protect his stooges, to kill and oppress the Afghans and to prolong the occupation of this country. This announcements comes despite America already been dealt a defeat in Afghanistan, its prestige and economy has taken a tumble and thousands of its troops have been killed, maimed or are facing psychological problems. The Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan strongly condemns America’s announcement of the prolongation of occupation and vows to continue its blessed salvatory Jihad against all forms of occupation. America which failed to attain is open and hidden objectives during the course of 13 years of occupation with over a hundred thousand troops and billions of dollars of expenditure will never be able to achieve them with a few thousand troops. The Afghan courageous nation will continue to wage its legitimate blessed Jihad until the complete end of occupation. The Afghan nation has proven itself over the course of history and especially during the past 13 year test. The treasonous and American citizen chiefs of the two-headed Kabul administration can never be representatives of the free Muslim people of Afghanistan. The Afghans will never accept foreign occupation and have the patience and determination for a long struggle. The powerless Kabul administration made much noise about fabricated peace talks over the past few months and now that all its propaganda was exposed to the people, it wants busy the nation and media with ceremonial trips and divert attention away from the failures and end of its crumbling regime. They are begging America to stay because they fear the Afghan nation, want to protect themselves from the wrath of the people of this land and are falsely portraying Afghanistan as posing danger to the world. The leadership and administration of the blessed Jihad inside Afghanistan is in the hands of the Islamic Emirate while the legitimate goals and comprehensive policy of the Islamic Emirate are known to everyone. We also remind the American people that your leadership is still playing with your tax-money and man-power and wants to continue to kill the sons of America at our hands in this aimless futile war as well as further damage the economy and prestige of its nation. Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan 06/06/1436 Hijri Lunar 6/01/1394 Hijri Solar 26/03/2015 Gregorian