Monday, March 30, 2015

Some comments regarding latest issue 8 of Dabiq magazine of IS

officially now debunks leadership, calling their as deobandi conflicting .

How does the Deobandi aqeeda look like? LOL

What is the difference between aqeeda of tawheed and Deobandi aqeedah? :)

As far as I know Deoband is just an islamic university in the city of Deoband, somewhere in India. What has that to do with the Taliban?

Where has Amirul Mumineen Mullah Omar or any of the taliban leadership or common taliban mujahideen claimed they have 'Deobandi aqeedah'?

IS has billions of Dollars at its disposal, that is one of the reasons why it can buy off 'bay'ah' from certain groups and have a very professional media production team as well as other things, which Al-Qaida or Taliban don't have. They can for example pay wages to their soldiers and give them good food, housing and clothing etc., but those other mujahideen even though they are more on truth and are abiding more by the shari'ah, they are very simple, poor and humble.

It's quite strange that IS quotes western leaders and other figures in their latest magazine ‪#‎Dabiq8‬ in which they say that IS wants to expand and conquer Europe and the rest of the world.
It seems what IS is saying the same thing as the most right-wing media of US like FoxNews or most right-wing islamophobic politicans!

This is a proof that their interests converge at a certain point, the same with regimes as that of Bashar Al-Assad, the more they make IS appear more of a threat, the more support they will get from the west and other major world powers.

 Strange that they recognize this so-called 'Caliphate' and magnify its threat, while the ummah and scholars reject it. It seems they need each other, both opposite extremes

IS also does takfir on Jabhatul Nusra in #Dabiq8 because according to them they have aided 'the sahwa of apostasy' against them and then they apply the nawaqid al-islam of aiding the disbelieving enemies against the muslims/mujahideen.

IS accused Jabhatul Nusra of Irja' also and of the fact they they use flimsy excuses in order not to implement shari'ah fully and immediately and because they work with groups who are not as practicing in their religion as they should, so they say that JN uses the excuse due to ignorance. Subhan'Allah so basically they want to say that even if Ash-Shaam is Dar Al-Harb you have to implement full shari'ah including the hudood everywhere and you should do takfir on all the factions which are fighting against the Assad regime and fight them, due to sins or other things which they consider unislamic.

The problem with IS is that they don't accept any difference of opinion regarding matters that were present even among sahaba and scholars of the ummah! It's my way or the highway with them! They say either you are with us or with the enemies, no middle way!

'If ignorance is such an encompassing excuse for the contemporary Murji’ah, what will prevent some of them from excusing the Dajjāl due to ignorance when he claims prophethood and lordship only to fight alongside him against those who make takfīr of him?'
LOL This was said literally by IS in their latest Dabiq magazine!

It reminded me of this, when some so-called modernists see Dajjal even though he has the word kaafir written on his forehead, they would say, but we don't know what's in his heart ahah

Regarding comparing leaders of other factions with Ibn Salul:

The prophet (pbuh) never did takfir on the leader of the hypocrites of his time Abdullah ibn Ubay ibn Salul nor did he order him to be killed!
The prophet (pbuh) even wanted to pray jannaza prayer for him and ask forgiveness for him, subhan'Allah!
Even though we know he was worse than original disbelievers and they will suffer the worst punishment in the hellfire!

Update of 31-03-2015

Some general and additional points regarding IS:

The Murji'a, Shi'a and the Khawarij and all the other 72 sects are dangerous for the ummah and misguided and one should beware of them!

We don't need any modern version of Islam, Islam is perfect as it is, it is complete and it doesn't need any modifications!

One thing that we can say about IS is that they don't know any compromise or concession in the religion and they don't fear the blame of the blamers!
I respect them for that!

Also IS doesn't take any groups which they consider as not on the correct aqeeda and manhaj as allies. Also they don't get any direct support from any of the Gulf states or western world as far as I know. Most of their weapons were gained as war booty (ghanima).

So even if we criticize certain ideological differences with IS, certain words and actions of them, even though we reject the fitna and the infighting and their misdeeds, we have to be fair and just and also admit these points, mistakes have been made by all groups and some of their points of criticism on other groups and states that are attacking them are also valid.

It seems IS only depends on Allah!

At the end of the day the goals of groups such as Jabhatul Nusra and IS are the same, only their methods are different.
IS wants to implement shari'ah directly and fight all the enemies at the same time.
JN wants to follow the incremental method and work together with certain 'moderdate' groups for the time being in order to first defeat the Assad regime, then solve differences with them, but even JN has fought the real secularists and western-backed democrats amongst them, like SNC and Hazm group etc.

So IS takes the hard appropach and JN more soft approach.

Hard power vs. soft power.
IS wants to impose their will, while JN wants to have the hearts and minds of the population, not using just force.
IS has mainly top-down approach, JN more incremental bottom-up approach.
It's not that one is 100% right and other 100% false, they both have some good points and some mistakes, may Allah guide them all and unite them upon goodness and truth, that which will have benefit for the culmination of jihad, for islam and the ummah and mankind in general, ameen.

Astaghfirullah! On page 43 of ‪#‎Dabiq8‬ magazine IS accusses Adam (allaihi salam) and other prophets (peace be upon them all) of having sinned!
Whereas the scholars are unanimous about the fact of the infallibility of the prophets! What they did were only small mistakes, but not sins, not major sins nor minor sins!

The murji'a have made a joke and entertainment of the religion, they made it too easy, they think by doing nothing, they will enter paradise.
But the khawarij have made things too difficult for themselves, in reality islam is between the two extremes, it's the moderate middle way between the two.

One should neither fall into laxity, by leaving the obligations and requirements of religion and committings sins and all kinds of stuff, while thinking you will be forgiven and enter paradise just because you think you are a muslim, nor should one become too hard and harsh on oneself and others by doing takfir even on major sins and by doing more than you are supposed to do, making the religion very difficult and becoming extreme and narrow-minded, because that is also selfdestructive as well as harmful for the ummah and the image of islam and you won't achieve your objective either.
Subhan'Allah listen to Amirul Mumineen Mullah Muhammad Umar Mujahid (hafidhahullah), he is exactly between these two opposite extremes of ifrat and tafrit!

'There is no such thing in the Taleban. All Taleban are moderate. There are two things: extremism ["ifraat", or doing something to excess] and conservatism ["tafreet", or doing something insufficiently]. So in that sense, we are all moderates - taking the middle path'