Sunday, March 29, 2015

Lessons derived from the unfortunate incident regarding Farkhunda

Many lessons can be derived from the beating & burning of Farkhunda to death.

1. Afghans love Islam & Qur'an 2. Shirk & kufr shoud perish

I hope this unfortunate incident will lead to more knowledge about real Islam amongst the Afghan masses and practicing it too.

Also all forms of bid'ah, shirk, kufr, sins, superstitions, jaahilya (ignorance) tradition and culture & inhumane, anti-islamic behaviour should stop!

Update of 30-03-2015

NY Times: 'Woman (Farkhonda) Killed in Kabul Transformed From Pariah to Martyr' To be honest, real full story is known only to Allah!

It is the media who can transform someone from zero to hero and from hero to zero! From pariah to martyr and vice versa!

It all depends on which point of view you have and whom you interview, if you ask her family, of course they will defend her & say: innocent

But if you ask those who beat her and killed her and the one who instigated that in the first place then they will try to find justification.

It's very difficult for us to know the full story, because we were not witnesses, we did not see it happen before our eyes, we don't know it

We don't know the intentions of those people who were involved, nor of Farkhonda herself, what her real goal and motivation was etc.

it's also impossible now for us to know that, because she is not here anymore and the society, family, government & media will put pressure on other actors who were involved, because the international community, especially US government is putting pressure on them.