Wednesday, March 25, 2015

IS and their supporters exposed!

The fake 'jihad' of IS is for the sake of pleasure (taking sex slaves), for the sake of power & authority (declaring fake 'Khilafah), for the sake of oppression (killing & pillaging), for the sake of wealth and resources (oil & gas fields), for the sake of fitna & fasaad (doing takfir on muslims & mujahideen & killing them), for the sake of giving the worst image of islam (all those beheadings, burnings and crusifixions).

Sisters should watch out and not be tricked by IS members to come over to Syria or Iraq & bring themselves into danger!

Those who fight for the sake of power, authority, status, natural resources, self-interest, desires, worldly gain will lose!

Allah will always give victory to the ones who do real jihad in defense of islam & muslims & do real dawah!

Allah will never give victory to those who do takfir upon innocent muslims & mujahideen & kill them!

Some IS supporters and fighters of today are worse than the khawarij in terms of doing takfir on muslims and mujahideen, because the Khawarij would do takfir based on major sins, but today these crazy people do even takfir based on assumptions, things that aren't even sins, based on su' dhan, based on thinking thay they know what's in your heart or mind, based on what they imagine and fabricate! Based on lies!

When IS fighters and supporters do takfir upon you based on emotions, feelings, assumptions, negative thinking, whims and desires, just because you have difference of opinion with them or criticize the unislamic ideology, actions and words of them.
I am like. 

When IS fighters or supporters call you murtad/munafiq/kaafir, so do takfir upon you, but when you ask them for the reason, they don't know it LOL

At the start of the previous Ramadan the so-called 'Khilafah' was declared by IS(IS), I think in this Ramadan the Islamic Emirate of Ash-Shaam will be declared and which will eventually culminate in a real authentic and legitimate Islamic Khilafah by the joint efforts of all mujahideen worldwide, in agreement and consultation with scholars and leaders of mujahideen inshaa'Allah.

I think the mujahideen will forgive the ordinary innocent people, the civilians, that was what the prophet (pbuh) did when he conquered Mecca peacefully. We will punish only those who have the blood of muslims and mujahideen on their hands. And fought against Islam.

Down down down with the Khawarij!
Down down down with the Tawagheet!
Down down down with the Shi'a!
Down down down with the Murji'a!
Down down down with the secularists, communists and atheists!
Domination of Islam is coming!
Victory is for the true mujahideen of AQ, JN and Taliban and their allies!