Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Important tweets of @shabirburhani of today about current affairs from islamic perspective

Important tweets of @shabirburhani of today about current affairs from islamic perspective

Subhan'Allah the enmity of the Shi'a government of Iran and all the terroristics groups and militias that it supports is clearly visible!

It is clear that they fight islam and muslims, especially the mujahideen as much as the Crusaders and Zionists do that, even more actually!

When the khawarij and the ahl al ghulu' (extremists) and the takfiri's do takfir upon you, that should motivate us to do even more dawah!

That should motivate us to strive more on the path of Allah, command more the good and forbid the evil and speak the truth! Pleasing Allah!

Sgt. Bowe Bergdahl is innocent of all charges, he has just become a muslim & sympathetic to the cause of the taliban that's it! Leave him!

Even though the Shi'a Rawafidh as well as some elements of IS fight the mujahideen and muslims of Ahlul Sunnah, still we prefer IS over them

That is because IS also fights sometimes the enemies of islam and muslims, albeit symbolically and not on a large scale, but not the Shi'a.

The Shi'a actually work today with enemies of islam and muslims amongst the Crusaders and the Zionists as well as their proxies! Not hidden!

But the best thing would be, that the real mujahideen of Ahlul Sunnah, like the Taliban and Al-Qaida and their allies would defeat them all!

Amongst all the democratic systems of western world, I prefer the Dutch one, it has a better parliamentary system than for example the USA!

But still I as a muslim want a real Islamic State with Shari'ah law as the highest law, but unfortunately that is nowhere to be found today!

In Dutch:

Het is echt volstrekte onzin om te zeggen dat het antisemitisme in Europa anno nu vergelijkbaar is met de jaren dertig! Het is eigenlijk juist islamofobie, racisme en fascisme en het opkomen van extreem-rechte politieke bewegingen en partijen die je daarmee kan vergelijken